Unblock123 Extra Torrents

How to Unblock123 Extra Torrents?

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Extra torrent was the most used torrent website in the world, but they had to shut down their operations due to the copyrights strikes from big Hollywood producers. Users were left in disarray, and they started searching for alternatives. Many proxy or mirror sites sprung up in place of Extra torrent. 

One can use the proxy or mirror websites to download their movies, tv shows or another type of content. But the authorities also blocked access to these mirror sites in some parts of the world. If your government has done the same, you can use the unblock123 proxy website to unblock the mirror websites. 

To use Unblock123 for extratorrents, you need to follow the steps listed here. 

  • Open unblock123.com on your favorite web browser and then enter the extratorrent.cc link in the search box. 
  • After that, you need to click on the ‘Unlock Now’ button to access the website with ease. 

This is how you use unblock123 extratorrents proxy server to view the data on the extratorrent mirror website. The extra torrent website will open within the unblock123 page that will shield it from the authorities. Now, you can search for your favorite content without any trouble.

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