How to Turn off Notifications on Instagram?

Having a social networking application on your android and iOS mobile devices is just bliss for many people. You can interact with your loved ones, spend time sharing your content and videos with every single friend without hanging out personally. 

Just like Facebook, Instagram offers tons of great social communication features. You can send a direct message to your friends and followers on Instagram. You get to view what other friends on your list are posting on their accounts and interact with them.

Non-stop Beeps

If you are following more than 1000 friends, colleagues, and Instagram influencers on your account, you can keep up with all of them. The good news is that you can view their profiles and communicate. The annoying part about the social networking account is an endless trail of notifications. If you have 1000 friends and are uploading a post to their account, whether it be just content, image, or video file, you get notifications on your display. 

Instagram notifications are sometimes really annoying for users. 

Suppose you are just preparing to fall asleep, but you have forgotten to log out of the Insta app. Your phone will keep beeping with the new notifications all night long. It can make you stress out. 

Understandably, you want to interact with your friends and watch their videos. However, you don’t wish to receive notifications all day long. When you are in a meeting or special professional gathering, you feel infuriated with your phone buzzing every second. To avoid all this, you can turn off notifications on Instagram.

How to Turn off Post Notifications on Instagram?

If you follow someone who’s really famous on Instagram, they might be posting new posts every day or perhaps numerous times a day. You can turn off post and story notifications on Instagram in the following steps:

  1. Go to the profile of the person. 
  2. Tab on the following,
  3. Click on notifications.
  4. Tap next to post and story notification. 

If you are wondering how to turn off story notifications on Instagram, you need to use the same option as we have mentioned above. Whenever you wish to see their post notifications again just turn the option back on.

How to Stop Instagram Notifications?

Suppose you feel bothered by all kinds of Instagram notifications about videos, new followers, new posts, and new content posted by those you follow. In that case, you can stop all the notifications for the time being. Let’s say you just don’t want any new notification to pop up on your screen for the next three to eight hours. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to the setting page on your profile page.
  2. You will option Notifications.
  3. Click on Push notifications.
  4. Now here, you can turn on or off the notifications.
  5. You can toggle on the “Pause all” option. 
  6. Select the time duration to keep the notifications off.
  7. Select any time from fifteen minutes to eight hours.

You have turned off all the notifications now. You won’t get any alerts if anyone is uploading media, pictures, videos, and posts on their profiles. Moreover, you won’t even get any message from the Instagram app itself.

The “Pause all” option was rolled out by Instagram for both android and iPhone users. You can make the most of this option and stop getting alerts from anyone you are following on your account. This will give you peace of mind for some time. 

Different Notification Categories

There are tons of different types of Insta alerts that users may receive throughout the day when they keep the app turned on their phones. Unfortunately, logging out of the app is just a big hassle and pain for many because nobody wants to keep logging back in when they need to use their account in their free time. Turning off the notification for a particular time can help a lot. 

Remember that you cannot reject messages and alerts from the application entirely; you may get those from time to time. However, you can control the notifications by turning off the posts and stories or videos from particular users. You can’t turn off any message from the app itself. 

Turning off Different Notifications 

In order to turn off any Instagram notification, you can do the following:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Tap on three horizontal lines that you see on the top
  3. Click on the setting option from there.
  4. You will find push notification
  5. You will see several options here.
  6. Turn off alerts, posts, stories, comments.
  7. Turn off alerts for following and followers
  8. Turn off notifications for direct messages.
  9. Turn off notifications for live and IGTV
  10. Turn off alerts from Instagram

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