How to Select the Best Air Fryers in India 2020?

In India, cravings for yummy snacks come anytime. It could be paneer tikka, chicken, and kids all time favorite french fries.

Wait! What about those piles of calories that are visible around your belly. No more worry with the best air fryer in India. This amazing appliance allows you to relish all those fried recipes without thinking about fat.

If you read an air fryer review, you will be happy to know that you can avoid oil at the same time enjoying all those mouth-watering snacks.

So, if you are planning to invest in the best air fryer in India after reading in air fryer reviews, then here are some well-known brands that promise the best air fryer price.

List of Best Air Fryer In India

1. Havells Air Fryer

Buyers who are comparing air fryer prices, they should consider Havells brand. In terms of capacity, the company claims 4 liters. It includes a basket and pan underneath where oil keeps dripping. Usually, the food basket is around 19CM diameter and its height is 10Cm (having capacity of 2.5 liters). This has a touch LCD panel that allows you to control the air fryer setting. So, air fryer prices will no more be a worry as Havells is the best bet.

2. Agaro Delite Air Fryer

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and the best air fryer and you want this air fryer price reasonable, then get your best choice with Agaro Delite air fryer. This is a perfect appliance for Indian users to enjoy various delicacies without having to absorb large amounts of oil (the most prevalent drawback of Indian cooking). Thus, reasonable air fryer price and amazing features make this appliance worth considering for Indian cuisines. The cooking of this air fryer is 3.2 liters that make it a perfect option for medium-sized families.

3. Prestige Air Fryer

Prestige is a well-known brand for electronics. In terms of air fryer review, it is not going to disappoint you. With the best air fryer price in India, this brand has introduced a healthier alternative to fried food. It allows you to savor snacks, fries, meat, and chips with using no or quite less oil. This appliance also facilitates baking, grilling, and roasting in a healthy manner. Other crucial features include easy to operate functions, 20 minutes timer, portability, and simple maintenance. There is a safety switch to shut on and off this appliance automatically. 

4. Kenstar Air Fryer

This is another big name in the best air fryer in India. Reading air fryer reviews for this brand, you will find that the price of air fryers by Kenstar are also pocket-friendly. To meet the diverse needs of your kitchen, you can enjoy scrumptious and healthy meals with no or little oil. This is the best air fryer used for grilling, baking, frying, and roasting. Having a hidden handle, it turns the entire operation simpler. Its food tray is easy to remove according to the user’s convenience. In one go, you can prepare delicacies for you and the family. There are two smart LED indicators to guide you for the heating process.

5. SToK Air Fryer 

If you are on a hunt of comparing air fryer prices, then this brand is going to be a win-win deal of both features and affordability. Go through its air fryer review and you will get rid of a general presumption that cheaper products lead to poor performance. It offers the perfect price value it is available for. It comes in a decent size accomplishing the requirements of a small to medium sized family easily. The air fryer from this brand comes with two knobs for maintaining temperature and time settings. 

Wrapping Up

Food is the best love for which you can fall one-sided without expecting it to love you back. Now, you do not need to curb the craving of your favorite snacks with the best air fryer in India. Want to savor your favorite recipe without guilt with the help of this magical appliance, but not sure which one to buy? Visit K2 Appliances, No 1 kitchen and home appliances review provider in India.

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