How to Refurbish Alloy Wheels at Home?

Wheel refurbishment is a modern and advanced technique to improve the looks of your old alloy wheels and provide a strong visual appeal to your car. If you a curious lad, and want to know everything about wheel refurbishment, you should read until the end.

Here you will learn to refurbish your Wolf Design Alloy Wheels at home. The process is easy and exciting.

Materials required
• Primer
• Jack stand
• Paint
• Sanding sheet
• Cleaning material
• Masking tape
• Clearcoat
• Protective equipment

Step 1: Remove the wheels

The first step is to separate your wheels from the vehicle. You can use a jack stand and then detach the wheels. Though you can also refurbish them without detaching, the results will be better if you take them to a more comfortable place.

Step 2: Clean them

The next step involves cleaning the wheels thoroughly. All the dust and dirt should be removed leaving no scope for error. A dirty car with lots of dust will create an uneven base for the paint. You will find yourself repeating these steps if the cleaning stage isn’t done right. You can also use warm water and soap for harsh stains and dust. Brake dust may trouble you as it doesn’t come off with ordinary soap. You will have to buy a cleaning fluid specifically made for cleaning the wheels.

Step 3: Masking

After you have washed and dried the wheels, the next step is to use the masking tape. The tyre area needs to be masked, so the wheels can be easily painted.

Step 4: Sanding

You will now be sanding the alloy portion to make it even. This ensures a smooth and even base for the paint. 

Step 5: Filling

Various damages and marks aren’t removed by simply washing them. You will need a filler to fill the kerbing marks. You can also directly paint over them. But if you don’t want to take a risk, a filler is the best option. 

Step 6: Prime

Now you will need to apply 2-3 coats of primer. You need to make sure that the wheel is dry before the primer is applied. You are advised to spray the can and then apply it to the wheel from a distance. This will give a better and smooth finish.

Step 7: Paint

This is the step you have been waiting for. After the primer has dried up completely, you can spray about 4-5 layers of paint. You can buy any kind of paint but a spray one is recommended because it gives even layers. 

Step 8: Protective coating

The final step is to apply layers of the protective coating so the paint doesn’t get damaged easily. Also, you should move ahead with this step only when the paint is completely dry. 
After the process is complete and the protective coat has dried, you can attach the cheap alloy wheels back to the vehicle and enjoy the view of the new look. Wheel refurbishment is the easiest and cheapest way of giving your car a brand new look. 

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