How to make your UberEats clone an astounding success amidst the raging pandemic.

The highly contagious Coronavirus has paved the way for what is called self-isolation, and due to the pandemic, the entire world’s economies have suffered a massive blow in terms of losses due to the lockdown norms and lack of resources.

But if there is one industrial sector that is now gaining momentum in terms of services, it is the on-demand app industry. All the people who are using these on-demand food /grocery delivery apps are gaining immense benefits during these tough times, and this industry is also generating enormous profits primarily due to the implementation of safety and precautionary measures in its services.

With that said, let’s take a look at some necessary precautionary measures which an UberEats clone must implement to appease the customer base in terms of providing the best safety practices during services.

  1. The food delivery network comprises the eatery, the delivery personnel and the customer app. The goal here is to manage all the various units seamlessly.

Whenever you partner with eateries, create agreements which are simple enough for all the local chains to partner up with you. The more the eateries, the higher the sustainability. It proves to be immensely beneficial for the entrepreneur and the eatery owners. In the current times, it is evident that deliveries are the only means for customers to associate with eateries. Further, once the pandemic grip is over, eateries can augment this type of online-based income along with their regular sales.

It is best to allocate delivery professionals on what is called the ‘gig’ economy. Due to the pandemic, there is a tremendous amount of job losses amounting to almost 39 million. If you opt for part-time workers, the budget is saved, and the delivery executives get satiated with their revenues.

Even the best stratagem can fail if the app cannot manage user traffic. The need of the hour is to take good care of the servers as well as the databases so that user experience gets optimized.

  • To carefully manage everything, integrate specialized action plans for better food delivery platform-oriented functioning

Regulate the aspect of zero contact deliveries between the customers and the delivery executives. It will help in the prevention of people being unknown “carriers”. Thereby ascertain to deactivate the ‘cash on delivery’ option during payment and encourage the usage of online payment options.

A report-oriented feature can be implemented where the customers can cancel orders if the delivery professionals violate the safety norms. It is also applicable to the eateries if the food quality is considered to be poor and not hygienic by the users.

  • For building more user trust, certify that the food orders are entirely free from contamination

Eateries must be integrated with top-notch safety-oriented measures. Partnership with eateries should be done only after confirming if they follow all safety and hygiene-oriented protocols. These encompass the likes of regular temperature checks, frequent washing of kitchen utensils and safety gears for the staff.

In addition to this, the food should come with an extra layer of packaging to prevent contamination. For better results, it is advisable to buy Personal Protective Equipment and hand sanitizers for the delivery executives.

  • Spreading the word about your food delivery platform and your services included

Put a great deal of effort in promotion and branding. Smart marketing strategies can take care of everything related to the launch of a thriving food ordering/delivery mobile application.

Other means include ‘word of mouth’ marketing and enthralling people by offering discounts/ offers. A study by Nielsen revealed that around 92% of customers loved recommendations from relations and friends.

  • Reinforcing the importance of social distancing and prevention when it comes to curbing the infection spread

Ensure to inculcate every information about the contagion to the delivery executives for the importance of their health. Educate the workers regarding how the disease spreads and everything related to safely handling the food orders.

Furthermore, ascertain that the users also adhere to all types of sanitation procedures. Safety tips like zero-contact deliveries and cashless payments will help the users in staying safe as well.


All the above-mentioned practical steps can pave the way for the success of your food ordering /delivery platform.

  If interested, we at Uberdoo can help you in developing a robust UberEats clone solution that comes packed with all types of safety precautionary measures, that optimizes your food delivery business, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. We will do everything to enhance your business and establish a foothold in this domain.

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