How to Make Your Own Paper Box?

White boxes are used for many purposes. They can be bought easily from the market, but many people want to make them at home. This is because they want to show their creative skills that can be utilized in many ways. If you are one of them, do not worry. Making paper boxes at home can be easier than you think. Allow us to show you easy steps that can be helpful for you.

Choose the right paper

This is surely the first step in the manufacturing process of the white gift boxes. You have to decide which type of paper you want to use for your package. Like there are different types and grades of them available in the market. You can choose them based on their texture. It is great to select the one according to the quality you want. Check the grade of the sheet in this regard. There are many other things to determine while choosing the right one. So, consider this step pretty important. 

Determine what size is required

This is a pretty important step in the manufacturing process of the white shipping boxes. This is because it is going to have an impact on all the other steps. You have to determine what should be the size of your packaging. For this purpose, you need to analyze the measurements of your product you want to place inside it. When done, you can decide the size of the sheet you need to purchase. In our case, let us suppose you want to make a box with a 5 cm square base and 5 cm in Hight as well. You are going to have a sheet that has a minimum of 15 cm in length and 15 cm in Hight. For making the lid, you need a sheet that has at least a 7 cm square area. 

Gather required materials

In this step, you are going to gather all the tools and materials require to make the package. Two sheets mentioned above, glue, and tape, are the required materials. Scissors, marker, and scale are required tools for this purpose. You can also get decorative materials like ribbon, rope, or another of your choice. This is important to gather them in advance. This is to avoid any blockage during the manufacturing process. When you have gathered the required materials, you can move to the next step. 

Marking the paper

This is a major step towards making the white boxesDraw two horizontal lines at a distance of 5 cm in the middle of the sheet. Now draw two vertical lines having the same distance of 5 cm. This will leave you with 9 5 cm squares on the sheet. You can go to the next step now. Draw a 5.3 cm lines from the middle both vertically and horizontally on the 7cm square sheet for making the lid.

Cutting and folding

Now, you need to cut squares on the edges. After this, all four squares from the edges will be gone. Do it precisely according to the lines on the paper. Now, you have to fold the paper accordingly. As you have 1 square in the middle and 1 square on each side. You can fold the side ones in a way that forms the structure of the base of your packaging. For the lid, you can cut the edges squares. Fold the remaining sides that will form the structure of lid. 

Fixing the folds and decoration

This is the final step. You need to glue the sides of the package. Glue the sides of lids as well. But glue should be dried; otherwise, its shape can be changed. For this purpose, you can use tapes. When the glue gets dry, you can pull off the tapes. Now, if you want to decorate it, you can easily do it according to your requirements. 

No doubt, white boxes made off paper can be useful in many ways. That gives rise to their demand. But many people want to make them at home due to many reasons that can vary. That is why we have concluded the aforementioned steps to make them at home easily.

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