How to make your eyelash extension experience as relaxing as possible

We live in a very busy world, and everyday face deadlines and responsibilities. Take a few hours away from work, babies, and stress and be ready for self-care as it is essential for our wellness. When you decide to pamper yourself and have your ‘me’ time by getting the eyelash extension done, you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the duties. 

You will get a relaxing experience with gentle music and even a power nap and wake up with beautiful eyelashes and brows at wisp lashes. It’s always our goal to provide a comfortable experience for our client so that they can enjoy. Here we are sharing amazing relaxing tips to make your lash extension experience as relaxing as possible. 

Many of the women have a lot of questions regarding lash extension as Am I the right candidate for getting a lash extension?

Keep your phone silent

We know that life doesn’t stop when you are in the salon and being connected is very important. We rarely put our phones away for a short time, and during the appointment, every notification, loud ringtones, or long calls keep you getting away from a much-needed power nap and also disturb other clients who try to squeeze in some relaxing quiet time. 

We always request our client to take this time to unplug from stress and regular work and relax lying down. Most of our clients use this time to listen to their favorite playlist or podcast or enjoy the salon’s calming music. If you are expecting a call, let us know and keep your phone silent, and you will enjoy your “me time” more.

Book appointment with a spare time

Are you booking an appointment for lash extensions? Choose an appointment time at which your stress level is low, and you can truly relax during your service. For instance, if you book an appointment during your lunch break, you are continuously worrying because you have to make it to another commitment, and you have to be at the next place on time. 

However, it is not mandatory as you need to do what you need but if you can allow yourself that extra time so you can relax really well, book an appointment with spare time. And now it’s much easier to book appointments at wisp lashes with our online booking.

Get yourself comfortable

At wisp lashes, we are not just there to transform your eyelash extension and brows; we are here to make your lash extension experience as relaxing and as comfortable as possible. We also recommend you to wear comfortable clothes to your appointment. We have plush blankets in our salon, and clients love them as they lay back and relax during their service. Also, the eyelash extension bed you lay on will be sanitized, and we have appropriate spa pillows that are adjustable for a relaxing experience.

Take off your eye makeup

Being makeup-free and ready to begin is all you want! Salons have stocked up with products to remove your eye makeup before your appointment as lash extension care is needed. Mascara and eyeliner need to be taken off with an oil-free remover as a lash extension will not bond properly if any makeup product is still clinging to your natural lashes. Leave home a few minutes earlier so you can be makeup-free and all ready to begin instantly. 

Keep the atmosphere quiet

During the lash extension process, it is advisable to talk less as it allows lash experts to work their magic. We love to chat with you. It’s a true time to unwind and take it during your service, so don’t feel that you have to talk. Also, if you bring your little ones with you, then it is difficult to relax properly as your eye must be closed throughout the procedure. We strongly recommend that you leave your children with a babysitter or alert our receptionist so you can have a peaceful time.

Avoid high energy drinks before an appointment

We all love coffee, and the craze for Starbucks drinks is tremendous right now. Those super tasty high energy drinks help us to get through the day and wake us up. But if you are all hyped up on caffeine or high energy drinks, you may find it hard to make your experience more relaxed. So if you can, save your drink for after the appointment, which will help you relax even more and make your visit more enjoyable.

Wrapping it up:

Wisp lashes with their lash experts ensure that you have a relaxing lash extension appointment and you are satisfied with your outcome done by our lash experts. You can fully get a relaxing experience by keeping these tips in mind and enjoy your stress-free relaxing experience by getting eyelash extensions at Knoxville.

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