How To Immigrate to Maple Country Via Taking the Express Entry Pathway

Do you have the intention to immigrate to the maple country this year? Canada has always been a popular destination for a myriad of immigrants (especially Indians) who wish to move to the maple country and start a new life. In January 2015, Express Entry System was introduced to streamline the entire process of Canada Immigration. It was the best decision taken by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) that provided great ease to the skilled workers and professionals.

It is an online system that is used to manage applications of the skilled workers who aspire to become a permanent resident of the maple country. If you’re a skilled professional who intends to reside and work in the maple country, you can submit your application to the Canadian Government. The candidates with high ranking are then sent an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence.

Three Federal Programs are there in the Express Entry such as FSTP (Federal Skilled Workers Program), FSTP (Federal Skilled Trades Program) and CEC (Canadian Experience Class). In order to enter the pool, you need to qualify under any of the streams mentioned above and meet the 67-point criteria. Post entering the pool, your profile will be given a CRS Score.

Now, Let’s Take a Sneak Peak into What’s a CRS Score?

CRS stands for Comprehensive Ranking System Score that’s designed specially to evaluate the profiles of candidates on the basis of certain yardsticks such as human/core capital factors, skills transferability factors, spouse related factors and additional ones.

To know your score, you can explore online and check your scores in the CRS Calculator that has been made to ease the entire process.

What’s the Minimum Score Requirement?

There is no fixed requirement as set by the IRCC. The IRCC conducts Express Entry Draws frequently and releases a CRS cut-off. You need to make sure that you met that threshold if you want to get an ITA (Invitation to Apply). You will only get hold of an ITA only if your score will be more or equal to the minimum score as per the draw.

These draws are held every fortnight. All you can do is explore online and check the latest draws being held by the Federal Government, so that you can get a clear picture about the released cut-offs.

How the CRS Score is Calculated in the Express Entry Program?

The entire calculator consists of 1200 points. Below-mentioned is a bifurcation of how points are allotted.

  • Core/ Human Capital factors

Under this umbrella, you’re given points on the basis of your age, work experience, level of education, adaptability, language efficiency, and arranged employment

  • Spouse or Common-law Partner Related Factors

It includes the skills of your partner on the following aspects such as your partner’s language proficiency, educational qualification and work experience (if any).

  • Skills Transferability

It basically includes some factors that evaluate your profile on the basis of certain combinations. It can be a combination of your work experience and language proficiency or can be any other.

  • Additional Points

This entire section can give you 600 points in case you get a provincial nomination from a state or province and can give you other additional points for having a valid job offer, having a great proficiency in French language and many more.

How to Deal with Low CRS Scores?

There is no need to worry if you’ve low scores. Provincial Nominee Program is a viable option that can be considered if you’re low on scores. Having a provincial nomination will automatically ameliorate your points to 600, thereby making the entire process a piece of cake.

Most of the provinces are aligned with the Express Entry Program, making it easy for you to gain entry into the maple country. Keep in mind that each province or territory has a different eligibility criteria. The top PNP’s that’re high in demand are Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, Ontario PNP, Manitoba PNP and many more.

So, start your journey today, if you want to accomplish your goal of getting the Canada PR without any hitch. After all, what’s better than living life with high standards and a decent lifestyle in the maple leaf country in the coming year. Good Luck!

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