How to get yourself free from sin?

No one needs to teach us to love ourselves and our desires. We first enter ourselves into this world. The children in the playground explained it very well. Original sin speaks of the sinful human condition. William Great house, former director, professor, and theologian of the Nazarene church described this condition as compared to an illness.

This disease is a moral and spiritual disorder. The human mind is inclined to itself and is compelled to disobey God. The original sin of God. Such sins only tempt us to disobey God and make our ways better than God’s. But if we succumb to this temptation, we will be responsible for our own sin.

Bad words are useful, but I need to say more. There are infections in bed and in bed. Those who are innocent are those who suffer from the disease. Other diseases will be healed and will not affect a person, some diseases will go away and nothing can be done, but sins are different. Looking at the Bible again, there is more light.

In the biblical narrative, human history begins without error; enters the picture as a result of rising from the grace of God in Genesis 3. Therefore, sin is not the essence of human nature that was created to live in a permanent relationship with God the Creator. Not in vain, we ask God and God has not left us to restore our relationship with us.

Both the books of Genesis and the Romans describe the state of sinful humanity as an alienation from God. It began as a dangerous relationship with God, but resulted in more torment (Romans 6:19) with even greater consequences. The sins of the world as a weak force that affects everyone. He passed the rebellion of humanity against the world and enslaved everyone. We will definitely become sinners. God’s law, God’s servants, and all creation deviated from God’s original purpose.

Fear of physical and spiritual death Sin is the leader of slavery and leads to complete worship in which no one can let go (Romans 6:16, 20), on the one hand, and sin becomes the heart of man

The Bible says:

  • All have sinned (Romans 3:23)
  • Death is the result of sin, but as we have all sinned, it has spread to all (Romans 5:12),
  • Speaking of our unity in mankind (5:12).
  • In other words, each of us is once again guilty of immorality and is responsible for our sin. — Ezekiel 18; 1 John 3: 4.

On the other hand, is just as successful as the company. When our relationship with God is strained, the whole relationship distorts and affects all living things. Sin not only destroys people and people, but also families and communities, Politics, economics, culture. Because we are all members of one another, all people are united in their accumulation of sins.

We are all born sinners and are prone to be wicked and guided. Creation also shares the consequences of sin and human grievances with the hope of redemption from the present (Romans 8: 19-20), so what is the solution to sin? What does freedom bring?

What is the Bible & Solve the problem of sin?

How do you solve the problem of sin? To free us from the power of sin and the spirit of slavery, Christ took our human nature and overcame sin by living in obedience and dying on the cross (Hebrews 4:15). in our relationship with our Father, when we are restored to Christ. May we enter into a new union between Christ and his obedience. Through him we can be prepared to live in the kingdom of God and reject sin.

Because sin affects everything, we ourselves need the cross with Christ to be forgiven and return to our relationship with God (Galatians 2: 19-20). Furthermore, because we still live in a corrupt world, we continue to “learn” through Christ (Ephesians 4: 20ff) and his spirit guides us (Galatians 5: 22-25).

Healing from sins is based on salvation in the company of Christ. Paul, in particular, recommended corporate integration in obedience to Christ. This is more than just a company.

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