How to Get Your Eyeglasses fast?

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Glasses are a significant tool for vision correction. Bespectacled people can’t go even a second without their glasses.

But, accidents can happen to anyone. What if you accidentally break your glasses the same day or lose them? What if your prescription changes and your current specs won’t work for you? 

These are the situations where you wish you could get a pair of emergency glasses in a minute. Where the chances of this happening are quite slim, there are companies that can deliver your spectacles in a reasonable amount of time.

We know you would want your glasses as soon as possible, but there are some things you might not want to ignore before you buy a new pair.

Have an eye exam

If you have had an eye test in the past 6 months, you can skip this step and go ahead with your current prescription.

However, having an eye exam will let you know about your present optic health. Have an eye test with a certified optometrist or ophthalmologist and see if you need a different optical power.

Vision changes happen gradually and may even go unnoticed. An eye exam is the best way to know whether your vision has gone worse and you need a new prescription. 

You can take your prescription to an optical store near you or go online to find cheap prescription glasses.

Your optician will generally take from three days to a week to get your prescription available. If you can’t wait for that long, you better stick to online options. In case your prescription has expired and you only need new lenses with the upgraded power, reglaze glasses with new optical power. 

If you need fast delivery for your readers, you don’t have to wait for that long. Look for glasses with your specific magnification strength or give some pairs a try. Buy the one that gives you the best near vision.

Factors to consider

The amount your glasses would take to reach you depends on a lot of factors. Read them below:

Where you are buying from

Prescription glasses usually take longer as they have to be made specifically for your dioptric power and refractive error. This is why same day delivery for prescription eyeglasses can be difficult to find.

Different people need different lens power which is why you have to wait for a little while before you get your hands on your new frame. If you have a complicated prescription, your glasses will take longer to make.

Availability of the frame

Glasses not only consist of lenses but also the frame which adds a style element to them. The frames in stores are only for display. When you choose a frame, they will order that frame which might be out of stock resulting in late delivery.

Online stores can make your frame readily available in no time. Some companies have mastered the art of glasses manufacturing and offer 24 hour delivery for your glasses.

Lens add-ons

If you are getting Anti-UV or Anti-Glare coatings on your lenses, the delivery process might take longer than usual. Some companies like Specscart provide free protective coatings on prescription lenses. These coatings will give extra protection to your eyes and long life to your frame. 

Should you buy online?

Buying online glasses is a great way to ensure fast delivery of your glasses. Your local optical store does not have enough space to display all of the large varieties of frames available today. But online stores remove this hurdle and show you what different frame styles, shapes, and colours you can choose from. Moreover, prescription glasses cost a fortune when you buy them from your optician or optometrist. So if you are tight on cash or want affordability and variety in one place, go ahead and shop online. 



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