How to Enhance the Productivity of a Call Center in India

A call center’s effectiveness is completely dependent on the productivity of its agents. When the team inputs their energy, are happy about their job, and feels motivated each day, they will be able to deliver exemplary customer service. No modern machinery and call center infrastructure can replace their human will to do something unless they want to do it. Stuffing their schedule with tasks will reflect on their job output.

Call centers in India are judged solely on the numbers they put in, the clients they deal with, and their cost per contact. As an industry, call center services are the backbone of several big organizations. Therefore, it should ensure maximum productivity at all times. By making a few adjustments on how you run a call center, you can increase customer engagement, make your employees feel energetic, and spark motivation into them.

What is Call Center Productivity?

Productivity measures the number of assignments completed over a specific period. Call center productivity can also be referred to as your overall efficiency and the number of tasks accomplished.

The Importance of Improving Agent Productivity

Call center services in India can make your organization outshine customer handling procedures. However, that can only happen if the agents are in the mood to take calls with empathy and wish to solve their queries. As a measurement, call center productivity helps to determine whether the number of employees can handle the client requirements and are a worthwhile return for the company.

As per a report, 53% of the employees input minimum efforts to their tasks and will happily accept a better offer at hand without thinking twice. So, ensuring agent productivity is highly critical for success. Also, since the market is prone to sudden employee oblivions, it is better to keep some extra agents lined up for duty.

Call Center Productivity does Impact Customer Service

Call center productivity is intertwined with customer service experiences. This is because satisfactory customer experiences can only result when the agents extend high-quality services in a timely and efficient manner.

For example, a productive agent will answer all the incoming calls quickly and resolve all customer problems in just a few minutes. This scenario correlates with increased customer satisfaction, which itself requires a highly productive and happy agent on the desk.

How to Improve Call Center Productivity?

man on call with clients

Keeping pace with the current technological innovation and practices, taking note of productivity of call center in India will cast a positive impact on customer experiences, improve operational aspects, and ensure that each client receives the value of their investment.

The following are some human-centered points that will help to improve the productivity of call center services.

1. Measure the Current Productivity Metrics:

The first step for any strategy is to know where you currently lie. Several key performance metrics can measure the productivity of a call center. This includes:

• Average time in a queue: How long do customers wait till they are connected to an agent? As your team expands and becomes more productive, this metric should decrease.

• First contact resolution: How many customers get their queries resolved the first time they call? It is better to take your time and find a solution to the customer problems even if it means staying longer on the call. But, resolve the issue once and for all.

• Average handle time: How much time does it take to handle one customer call? The average handling time also includes time spend taking notes, listening to their queries, searching for the solution, and wrapping up anything else after the call.

• The average talk time/occupancy rate: It entails the time taken by the agents on phone with customers. It takes a percentage representation of the agent’s full shift. A higher occupancy rate means that they are spending most of their time talking to the customers and very less time sitting idle.

Measure your progress consistently to identify any significant productivity improvements.

2. Increase Agent Motivation:

Do you know what motivates your agents to do a better job?
Why do they wish to show up for work every day?
Is this because of their paycheck or is there something else too?

Agents do good work at a job if they find it up to the mark.
Motivate your agents by incentivizing their performance, offering them more freedom in addressing customer queries, reward them with accolades and appreciation, and recognition. As per a report, 69% of employees would work harder once they are recognized for their hard work. So, motivate your agents to consider it more than just a 9-to-5 job.

3. Make Customer Information Easily Available:

For call centers, finding the right information quickly can improve the average handling time by a margin. It also reduces errors and improves customer satisfaction. Put simply, a call center in India is dependent on product innovation, access to the right technology, and portals that make the process simplified for the agents.

The better the technology, the fewer time agents will take to find information about the customer, the faster they will respond to their queries, and more satisfied your customers will be.

4. Train Agents for Efficiency

There are some said tricks required for mastering customer service calls. Some customers like to talk. They don’t hang up until you’ve completed listened to their plea and provided with a resolution for the same. In such situations, train your customer service agents to wrap up calls in a timely way, after answering their queries. This will improve the average call handling times of the agents, and help them maximize their potential.

5. Review Call Center Workflows

A complete call center productivity checkup encompasses solving issues in the current call workflows. This is what makes a company offer praiseworthy call center services in India. Optimize your call traffic routing time to check the efficiency index of your services. Make sure that the customer calls are routed to the right department.


Ensuring efficient working solutions is the only way you can save your customer’s as well the agent’s time. In the long run, you will save a lot of money while establishing a productive reputation in the market. Call center productivity is related to agents, software, workflows, and customers all working in harmony. A fault in any one ingredient will spoil the broth.
Increase the productivity of your call center in India operations, and provide a high level of customer service quality and agent experience.

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