How To Drive A Car Efficiently?

If your fuel consumption is very high or your vehicle suffers more breakdowns than usual, it would be recommended that you review certain guidelines on how to drive your car more efficiently.

How To Drive Your Car Maximizing Efficiency?

By following some simple tips like the ones we offer you, you can save up to 20% on your fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions and other substances that are harmful to our health and the environment.

Efficient driving means considerable economic savings and allows you to take care of the health of your vehicle while reducing polluting emissions

You will also keep your vehicle in perfect magazine condition, which will provide you with a greater degree of safety on the road. They are all advantages!

Periodically check the car and its oil levels

A poorly maintained vehicle consumes and pollutes more. Each engine has maintenance, oil changes and reviews. If you do not perform regular care, you will be exposed to a mechanical problem at any time.

Do not lengthen the gear change

How to drive your car optimizing the gear ratio? Easy, it progressively changes gears without lengthening the changes and tries, whenever the circulation allows it, to introduce long gears (fourth, fifth and sixth) that are the ones that consume the least fuel. In addition, stretching the gear change can cause the engine to run at more revolutions than it should and lead to a breakdown.

Tires always in perfect condition

Inadequate pressure on the wheels often causes increased fuel consumption and increased tire wear, with the corresponding risk of poor road grip.

Turn off the engine if you stop for more than a minute

If you find yourself at a traffic light or in a traffic jam where you know in advance that you will remain without moving for a while, it is advisable to turn off the engine. This will save fuel, reduce CO2 emissions and avoid heating the engine unnecessarily.

Use your air conditioning or heating wisely

Excessive use of heating or air conditioning causes up to a 5% increase in CO2 emissions, and increases fuel consumption.

If you are wondering how to drive your vehicle more efficiently, one of the first things to consider is the temperature.

Use them especially when the temperatures are very high or very low and consider, if possible, driving with the windows open at low speeds during the summer. You will notice the savings!

Be careful with the windows

If we keep them open while driving at high speeds, the resistance caused by the air makes our vehicle have to work a little more to maintain speed. By keeping them closed, we can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 10% and save money on fuel.

Moderate speed and no sudden changes

With each acceleration we consume more fuel and produce more CO2, and with each braking we make the vehicle suffer, especially in the braking system, suspension and tires. In the long term, our vehicle gains in useful life, and in the short term, we feel it in our pocket.

Avoid unnecessary weight

Your vehicle should not become a storage room on wheels. Try to have only what you need inside and remove everything that you are not going to use. The higher the weight, the more work the engine will have to do, the more fuel it will consume and the more elements such as shock absorbers or wheels will suffer.

Driving A Vehicle Efficiently Is Simple (If You Know How)

By following these tips suitable for all types of drivers, you will know how to drive a car safely, efficiently and ecologically. And also, you will save money every month that you can invest in what you like the most.

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