How to do winged eyeliner

The strong complexion defined eyebrows, and a few hot red lips are the primary items of the make-up trends. To acquire the winged eyeliner seem, or the so-called batwings, you do not need to be an expert. It is such a versatile design that combines all face shapes and eye shapes. Just find the one which suits you and begin enjoying the vintage look. Read more to find 5 easy steps on How to do winged eyeliner

Eyeliner is an essential item on your make-up bag since it not only integrates your mascara to give your lashes a fuller, thicker, and much healthy look, but also gives your eyes a gorgeous boost, making them the focus of your face.

How to do winged eyeliner

Good eyeliner can definitely frame your face outlook perfectly. As with some other types of make-up, there are various kinds of eyeliner, as well as different colors and applying eyeliner depends upon what kind of eyeliner you’re using and what look you would like to create.

A winged eyeliner make-up is ideal for any event, beginning from everyday usage, until the red carpet, it simply looks fantastic each time. It is a totally shaped cat-eye look, the eyes marked with a pencil eyeliner at first to ensure the liquid will cover the ideal areas without getting smudged. It’s a classic, old- school eye make-up that makes of the most glamorous and feminine looks.

Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Once you know which eyeliner to adopt, follow these simple steps for a fast and simple way on How to do winged eyeliner. Implementing eyeliner is simple:

Choose the Correct Eyeliner

The two types of eyeliner pen eyeliners and liquid or cream eyeliner.

Like using one pencil eyeliners arrive and are applied, by drawing your eyelids. Pencil eyeliners are for developing a smoky look best. Painting a line of eyeliner liquid across the eyelid applies with a brush liquid or cream eyeliners and is ideal to get a look without smudges. Use the Mark and spencer promo code for selecting the makeup products

Choose the Correct Color

Eyeliners can be found in different colors and should be chosen cautiously to complement your eye and hair color. For hair that is dark, black eyeliner works. Avoid using color eyeliners, like blues and greens, as this could create a clownish appearance.

Get Comfortable and draw dotsStand in a comfortable position in front of the mirror. Starting from the corner of your eye, work outwards and draw on little dots together with your eyelid near your eyelashes. This may make it easier to join the dots in a straight line rather than trying to draw one straight line for winged eyeliner.

Connect the Dots

Winged eyeliner is way easy if you join the dots in a line. The purpose of eyeliner is to work in conjunction with all the lashes to present your lashes a thicker look, so the eyeliner needs to be a close to the lashes as you possibly can.

Finish off

Once you’ve connected the dots, you must have a smooth succession of winged eyeliner across your eyelid above your lashes line.

Expert Tip! Soak a cotton bud on make-up remover and apply around all the eye to remove any smudges that could have occurred during the application. try using the best skincare discount for products at an affordable rate.

Smudgy/Smoky Look

Now you have got a winged eyeliner tutorial so let’s have a little extra point for smoky makeup lovers. If you want a smudgy/smoky look around your eyes, you need to use a pencil eyeliner. After all, the dots have been connected and all the eyeliner is in place, take a cotton bud and softly smudge the eyeliner to create the appearance. Your Smoky winged eyeliner look is Ready to Glam!

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