How to detect and stay away from a fake online review?

Electronic commerce facilities have always been a very important alternative for quite a while now. The COVID19 pandemic triggered a revolution in e-commerce. In many cases, e-commerce became the sole platform for sales and purchases. The dependency drastically increased in online markets and services during and even after the lockdowns. Remote purchases however are always a potential subject of risk. And perhaps the only aid in this regard is user experiences written in the form of reviews. Online reviews act as a bridge, connecting the trust and surety factor to online investments and purchases.

Evil always accompanies the good, and here the evil is fake reviews. These reviews are mostly bought in exchange for cash or some other benefit. Written for misleading the reader into something beneficial for the reviewer or that reviewer’s client. Thankfully, it is possible to detect them.

Checking the reviewer’s profile

A thorough investigation regarding the reviewer’s profile might reveal the worth of his reviews. Key things to look for are the profile picture, the name of the account, and authenticity validation of the profile description. Additionally, the account’s other activities on the same website and activities of similar accounts in other websites can help in getting a deeper insight.

Study the review carefully

While browsing through reviews, Biased reviews should always be avoided. The biased ones in disguise are the most dangerous ones.

If a review is full of grammar and spelling errors the best course of action will be staying clear of its way.

If a review is written for any kind of commercial ambition in mind, might contain emojis and stickers for gaining maximum attention.

There is a class of review that aims to divert traffic to a particular page or website, these reviews might carry links with them.

The review faking industry runs like a body with a limited number of people. One fake reviewer might post multiple reviews and a noticeable similarity can unmask if anyone manages to notice.

How to stay away?

In the case of online investments and shopping only reputed platforms should be trusted. Something that is trusted by people you know! Additionally, businesses and services tend to avoid addressing the intentional fake reviews. When hard-earned money is involved, trust should be put only on the bold and transparent. A good example is the data science institute Analytixlabs. This institute provides a LinkedIn link and contact details of its reviewers on the institute’s website. A quick search with Analytixlabs reviews online reveals how the institute addresses the reviews it gets. And how boldly Analytixlabs boasts about the professional standings of its former students. In many cases, it is possible to contact the reviewers for quick validation and often for a more elaborate discussion.

As the dangers of the internet steadily increase, the chances of fraud and theft spread their wings of disaster as well. And till the dark of fraud surrenders to the light of courage and honesty we must remain vigilant.

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