How to Create a Successful Event of Ecommerce Marketing?

The ecommerce marketing is the practise of driving maximum traffic for converting into the customers and sales. And there are plethora of ways to go for it.

From using Google Ads and Facebook to focusing on organic traffic, you can do quite a few things for driving traffic. But nothing can beat an event organisation that gives you ample opportunities to interact with your audience directly.

Event marketing happens to be an effective and resourceful marketing channel that is becoming more critical over the years. However, execution of an event marketing campaign can never be simple.

To help you out, here are some major tips with the aid of which you can devise a solid event marketing plan that is bound to succeed.

  • Establish Efficient SMART Goals – To ensure the setting of proper goals, you have to follow the SMART technique- Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented, Timely. The first few steps that you take are of significant importance here. With the help of specific goals, it will be easier for all team members to be on the same page. Ensure the measurability of the goals for the proper assessment of the campaign performance for your ecommerce. You should also see to it that the goals created are achievable.  When the goals are result-oriented, you can assess how the outcome will be affected by the objectives. You should also set the hard deadlines for adhering to your guidelines.
  • Set the Budget – It is always normal to want the best of everything for your ecommerce. However, it often leads to a hole in the pocket. You should create a budget and stick to it. It is easy to overspend but it is challenging to get the extra money. So you should make a budget right from the beginning and spend your hard-earned money wisely.
  • Choose a Detailed Timeline – Ecommerce event goals and metrics are all set for drawing your attack plan. When devising the process of event planning you should focus on establishing the deadlines instead of the task lists. Instead of a to-do list, you should view the process as a task list. You can create a Gnatt Chart. In this case, you should place the specific projects on the left hand column. The timeline should be on the top row. This is a great way for viewing your campaign of event marketing.
  • Book the Right Venue – One of the first tasks to take care the right venue. This is because any interesting venue has to be booked months or even events before. You should have a clear vision about how you want this event to get through. Review the list of ecommerce event goals. If you want to network amongst the attendees then you should either opt for a huge open space or small meeting rooms for organised sessions.  Apart from this, you should take into account the lighting, catering, staging and accessibility. Prior to hunting for the venue you should have a specific list of things that you need.
  • Marketing Must be Well-Covered – At the time of thinking of ecommerce event, you should think about the content and the medium of marketing for your ecommerce event. There are various way of marketing the event for your ecommerce. Amongst the various mediums used, a whopping 76% of the event marketers use email marketing for ecommerce events while social media marketing follows this with 40% of ecommerce businesses using it. The goal of the event should be led as the foundation when you are planning the content marketing. You could begin by building an effective website for you or can add a landing page or pop-up to the existing site. Curate video content or text like behind-the-scene events, trailers or sneak peek.   The contents should entice your viewers and create the buzz around it. It should compel people to RSVP or register at the earliest. With the right content you do not just boost your attendance but can also fulfil your event goals.
  • Manage and Delegate – It is not possible to organise or run an ecommerce event by yourself. If you do not have people allocated for content sharing that you have curated and created for the event you should use automated email. This lets you share the contents with the same efficiency like that of delegated resources. Apart from that, you also need to appoint responsibilities for the smooth execution of the event. While someone needs to look over the catering and the servings, others need to take care of the technicalities. Again you need someone for crowd management and emergency redressal and so on. Only with a proper and responsible team, you can rest assured that your ecommerce event is going to be the success that you have envisioned it to be irrespective of whether it is a product launch, some mega-sale introductions or partnership announcement or something else.
  • Engage and Follow Up – Last but not the least, it is essential that you keep the audiences engaged and deliver what you promised. Your brand and future events can get assured buzz when happy attendees step out of your current one. So engage with them, promote intelligently and most of all provide what they expect.

Added to that, you have to take one more step – following up. In order to learn how successful your event is and improve, you need genuine feedback from your attendees. So call them up or email them and measure how much you succeeded and what amount of ROI you can expect.

These are some of the things as suggested by the experts of reputed event companies across the world in order to make your ecommerce event a grand success that will remain etched in the minds of the attendees for years to come.

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