How to choose a sliding door

How to choose a sliding door

Sliding pocket doors

The pocket sliding door also slides on a rail but, unlike the wall-mounted one, it disappears completely into the wall when it is in the open position Fitted wardrobes Birmingham. This is what we can call a sliding recessed door. Aesthetics and space-saving are then there. However, its installation requires some work, especially renovation. It is then necessary to create a double partition.

The pocket sliding door is available in different configurations (1, 2 or 4 doors …) with kit or pre-assembled frames with a thickness of 700 or 100 mm.

The dimensions of the sliding doors

The widths of the sliding doors vary, depending on the model, from 63 cm to 93 cm.

63 cm wide correspond to the passage of a person. This type of door can be installed in the toilet, for example.

73 cm wide are designed to be installed at the entrance to a living room.

83 cm wide offer a wider passage and allow the passage of bulky furniture. They are suitable for a kitchen entrance or a living room.

93 cm wide are required to allow the passage of a wheelchair.

The heights can also vary: 204, 220, 254.5 and 260 cm. A door height greater than 204 cm offers more user comfort for tall people and more aesthetics for high ceilings.

There are XXL door formats (from 103 cm wide and up to 123 cm) and double sliding doors that find their place in large rooms or allow partitioning and modulating spaces.

, How to choose a sliding door

Choose accessories for sliding doors

The interior sliding door fully participates in the decoration of the room thanks to many accessories allowing to customize it to make it a unique and personal decorative element.

Sliding door windows

The window allows light to pass through and to see what is going on in the other room (for a kitchen, a hallway door, etc.). Built in sliding wardrobe

They can be round, rectangular or square. Depending on the model, the materials vary: metal, medium or PVC.

Sliding door handles

The handle is an essential part of the aesthetics of the door. It must be practical and meet certain constraints specific to sliding doors. There are several types of handles:

the bowl handle to be fitted or glued to the door;

The recessed finger pull handle;

The vertical handle to stick or screw which gives a contemporary style to the door.

The materials and shapes of handles are numerous and will allow you to harmonize or create a break with the door: stainless steel, aluminum, round or rectangular.

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Installing a sliding door

First of all, it is important to check the dimensions of the door. It should be as high and wide as the opening. Installing a sliding door is quick and easy.

First of all, it is necessary to locate the first point of attachment of the rail several tens of centimeters above the opening. Technical data differs depending on the model and is supplied with the product.

Then all you have to do is locate the second anchor point and then trace the fixing line with a spirit level. We drill, anchor and screw the fasteners of the rail then the rail itself. The door is then put down.