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These days, almost all businesses employ social media marketing as an effective marketing strategy to attract traffic for their brand. Some of the traffic can have the potential of becoming loyal customers, which in turn, can benefit your brand immensely. Therefore, it can be established as a fact that social media holds a special place in the brand marketing industry. One of the major benefits of social media marketing is that it is incredibly inexpensive than conventional marketing practices. For instance, social media marketing ads cost far less than what you would pay for commercial ads.

Gaining the trust of your audience is just as important as drawing them towards your brand. To create a trustworthy image for the traffic generated, you need to be careful about the dynamics of your marketing strategy. Creating trust between customers and your brand will result in your business’ credibility and originality.

However, influencing your potential clients is not a piece of cake. A few tips below will surely help you retain the trust of your audience while also promoting your brand’s name:


If your ecommerce business is new to social media, it will most certainly have a discreet amount of following. The number of followers you have can greatly influence the reputation of your brand. You will notice that the bigger a celebrity, the larger their number of followers is and due to this, they get even more famous.

However, when it comes to the marketing of a brand, it’s more than just fame and prominence. In the world of marketing, it is important for your brand to have a good ratio of consumers.

There are strategies that can significantly increase your brands following. Once you have enough followers, you can start promoting your page to reach out to even more people. Below are some tips to get you started to increase your followers:

  • To spread your content all over. Use hashtags, as it is one of the most recognized ways to gain followers. Social media users will easily discover you this way and reach out to you. However, it must be kept in mind that the hashtags that you are using should be related to your niche. You will certainly get away with putting a popular hashtag that is searched by many people but it will not gain you followers that you ultimately want to convert as customers. Moreover, it can create a rather outlandish image, for instance, if your brand is about a clothing line, people wouldn’t expect your product to be in the #fruits, instead, #fashion #womenswear or #instafashion would serve the purpose better.
  • Using the right filters create a catchy image for your profile. Many Instagram profiles, for example, have a color scheme that all their pictures have. It creates a rather aesthetic outlook, and in today’s world, everyone is keeping their eye out for aesthetics. Good photography and having a catchy scheme for your profile will influence people to follow you.
  • Liking other people’s posts that may or may not be related to your niche. Due to this, followers of that page will get curious and will want to view your profile. If they find your posts interesting, they will certainly follow you. Another trick you can use is to ask people to L4L or F4F, which basically is a discreet abridgment for “like for like” and “follow for following”.
  • Running on giveaways will get people’s attention to your products. Only the individuals who follow you will get the chance to participate in the requests for a giveaway. This will get your brand hundreds or thousands of followers and likes. You can also ask users to tag your brand’s name or give a shout-out to your brand in exchange for their name to be put in a prize draw.
  • Organizing your Instagram story highlights can act as a teaser for your product. People will be eager to see what lies behind the curtains of your highlights and will choose to follow you, seeing your creative story content.


Blogs are a reliable and full-proof way of providing your audience with a first-hand review of your brand’s product. Your blogs must carry a credible impression. You also need to ensure creating content that speaks in a conversational tone rather than a formal one. A conversational tone will influence the readers, that the blogger is in fact like any other person and their review is just what they needed to get the assurance. 

Numerous companies and brands exercise content writing strategy. It is, therefore, necessary that your content writer does not create an impression as if the sponsorship of the brand does not reflect their content. You need to choose your writers wisely. 

Blogging is one of the easiest marketing strategies, however, it demands time and effort in the maintenance of it. In case, your situation does not allow you the time to create your own blog, you can reach out to bloggers. Certain notorious bloggers, with a huge fan base, can help you out with creating a trustworthy image for your brand by promoting it through their page. All you have to do is send a package of your product. However, it must be related to their category of work and if it’s not, they may charge you for promoting it.


Once you get started with the content for your brand’s page, which includes blogs, pictures, stories, etc. you must remember to keep up with the consistency of posting regularly. 

It is natural for people to unfollow pages they chose to follow in the first place, because of their inactivity. When you have not posted anything for a long time, your followers will not only lose their trust in your brand but also lose their interest too. 

A huge following on social media platforms is itself an astute way of gaining your audience’s trust. A huge following will reflect the loyalty of your clients and that their trust in you is unwavering. Few tips on how to increase your following, are given above. 


Through networking, you can reach out to many renowned influencers and people to market your product for you. Joining different groups related to your niche will help trust grow between your brand and customers, as you establish an amicable relationship with many influencers. Gaining the trust of influencers can serve as a big achievement in social media marketing.  

Giving sponsorship for your products will also help you gain popularity in the social media world as the fanbase of the influencers will naturally trust you more. 


You need content for your social media accounts that will interest your audience. Social media is all about having fun and enjoying your time there, while connecting with others. But it’s not the same with brands. You are not there to make friends, you are there to attract potential clients by gaining their trust. There are numerous ways for you to engage your audience, such as blogging, vlogging, putting up stories, introducing games and etc. Look out for what seems to interest your audience and how responsive they are to your every activity. 

With marketing you should not consider what you like. Instead, you need to see what your customers and general users will like to see. You need to upload content according to this method to gain your potential client’s trust.


For people who hold a big following on social media platforms, one word from them can influence thousands to buy products from a brand they barely know. This is why it is best for you to insist influencers and clients to post reviews for your products. Positive reviews can help your brand grow in many ways. These reviews can help you gain customers, while also helping your business’ reputation to grow immensely. You can also put a review section in your story highlights for your audience to see. 

Seeing that many people trust your product, new customers will naturally be convinced of your product’s value and will purchase your products. The more items you sell, the more reviews you get, and therefore, the more people will hear of your product


If a certain client finds a fault with your product the best option for you is to own it. Come with incentives to make up for your unhappy clients. It will depict that you take your clients seriously and your customer service is praiseworthy. 

Making up excuses will not convince your customers otherwise and they are bound to leave a negative review for your product. A negative review can be bad for your brand’s name. This is why, an apology is the first step towards showing accountability and next you can offer them an alternative item to make up for your mistake.


To gain the trust of millions of users on social media, you need to put in some effort into your social page. Social media platforms give brands a grand opportunity to build their consumer trust and traffic, while also connecting with the world. Social media marketing allows your brand to convince people that your brand is worth the consideration. By following the tips given above, you can ensure that your brand will go a long way.

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