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How stomach sleepers can avoid neck stiffness and relieve pressure from the spine?

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Has anyone told you that you sleep like a dead-man floating on water? Yes, then probably you are definitely someone who sleeps on their stomach. As per the studies, it has been revealed less than 10% of people like to sleep in this position. Generally speaking, a stomach sleeper tends to place their hands up beneath their head and move their neck from one side to another.

According to many experts, stomach sleeping is definitely not one of the best sleeping styles as it does have drawbacks. The only benefit that a person can get from this sleeping position is a reduction in snoring due to the improvement of air circulation. However, a few drawbacks of this sleeping position are:

  • Excessive pressure on the spine
  • It can cause stiffness in the neck.

Getting proper support is quite tricky for stomach sleepers. You need to consider buying the right mattress online in India. Else, you will eventually worsen these issues.

Here are some suggestions that you can bear in mind before you decide to buy a mattress online:

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What Are the Most Significant Mattress Determinants for Stomach Sleepers?

For stomach sleepers, it quite significant to have a proper sleeping surface including the right type of bed mattress and pillows so as to lessen the potential adverse effects of the snoozing style. Here are some of the tips to buy the right bed mattress online in India:


The level of support a bed mattress offers is the most critical factor that determines how effortlessly it will be receptive to your body weight and pressure. A relatively more receptive mattress will give you a cushioning effectproportionately to your body’s sleeping position. This way it ensures proper spine alignment without excessive arching. Hence, stomach sleepers must lookout for a bed mattress that is receptive enough to give cushioning effect to the upper body without letting the belly sag so severely leading todistortion of the spine’s alignment.


It is the firmness of the mattress that determines how much support it will provide you while sleeping. Being a stomach sleeper, you need to avoid buying a bed mattress that is exceptionally soft as you will dig into the mattress and won’t be able to breathe properly while face-down. On the flip side, don’t even go with a too-firm mattress as it will not be comfortable for your sleep. Therefore, the best mattress for you will be the medium-firm.


Since a mattress is a product that you will be using for many years to come, it’s imperative that doesn’t wear and tear quickly on regular usage. If a mattress starts to sag soon after it’s bought, this will further lead to wearying of the mattress from the center point where the most pressure is usually exerted. As a stomach sleeper, you need to look for a mattress that is made from durable material.

What Aspects Should Stomach Sleepers Search for Before Buying Mattress Online in India?

While shopping for a new bed mattress, you need to look out for the following aspects:

Quality of the material used

While the design or layering of a mattress is equally significant, the materialthat is used to create any type of mattress is something which is absolutely indispensable. A mattress made with the use ofsubstandardmaterialdefinitely going to have moreshortcomings and will wear and tear quickly with regular use. Hence, make sure you look for the detailed specifications of the bed mattress which you can easily find on the website.

Well-made Comfort Layer

Most significantly, try to avoid buying a sleeping bed mattress with a very thin comfort layer. The comfort layer must be at least 3 inches thick to achieve thedesired comfort level while sleeping.

Free Shipping

A majority of online mattress selling companies provide free shipping of the sleeping bed mattress.

Stress-free, No-Risk Returns

Most of the companies selling mattress online in India do offer a no-risk return policy in which you are given a sleep trial for a maximum of 30 nights. If you don’t like the mattress due to any reason you can return the same within the trial period and your money will be completely refunded.

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