How Music Work to combat work stress!

How Music Work to combat work stress!

How many times have we had heavy days at work?

Certainly many!

A suggestion to combat stress can be to listen to music during working hours, that’s why!

Music has been used for hundreds of years for its calming effect against pain and as an aid to restore harmony between mind and body.
Recently, scholars have also explored other areas where music has proved to be a valuable support, including that of being able to reduce work stress.

The relaxing power of music is well known. In fact, sounds have a unique connection with our emotions and can be a way to reduce stress, especially if we choose slow, classical pieces.

This musical genre, listened to in situations with a high level of stress such as work, can really help us find peace of mind. But why does this happen?

Classical music relaxes mind and body by acting on psychological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering the pressure and consequently lowering the stress hormones. Playing an instrument can help you to relieve the stress.

Does Music is Waste of Time?

Music can therefore act as a distraction and help us express our emotions to live the day’s commitments in a less stressful way.
It is incorrect to think that listening to music while working or taking a musical break is a waste of time: productivity rises when stress is reduced. It is therefore essential to be able to find serenity during the day to be able to work efficiently.

Just make a little effort and start listening to music: your days will suddenly be lighter!

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to build up stress at work. The pressure, the goals, the responsibilities: there are many agents who push us every day towards mental fatigue, nervousness and mood swings. And sometimes, getting estranged from good music or taking a break to devote yourself to it may not be an option.

This article does not contain any medical recommendations, or suggestions for taking. Remember that your doctor is the point of reference to turn to in order to find the best solution for you.

Listening to music is good for the body and brain and reduces stress:

A study conducted by researchers at McGill University and published in Trends in Cognitive Science, listening to and playing music has benefits for both mental and physical health.
The experts conducted a review of over 400 studies on the subject which, in particular, found positive effects of music on the immune system and stress levels.
“The neuro chemical mechanism by which the effect is expressed in four domains, management mood, stress, the immune system and the formation of social bonds “.

On a physical level, for example, music has been found to improve the functions of the immune system with an increase in both immunoglobulin A (an antibody that plays a critical role in immunity), and in the number of natural killer cells – or lymphocytes. At other levels, it has been found to reduce stress levels and levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). But not only that: music was effective in reducing anxiety before surgery. And, finally, in promoting the production of the hormone oxytocin – the hormone of love, happiness or fulfillment.