How Inbound Call Centres can Augment Customer Service?

Customer service is supreme for any company. Every organization takes all possible measures to strengthen its customer support, as no firm ever wishes to dissatisfy customers and diminish brand image. Customers are the brand ambassadors, thus any dissatisfaction can bring detrimental effects to the business image. This is the reason companies check all possible measures to boost customer satisfaction levels.

Talking about an inbound call centre it takes care of all the incoming inquiries where professionals answer all queries with ease. Nevertheless, with increasing customer needs and at high call volumes, how can a company enrich customer service experience? Well, AI Chatbots can help companies transform customer experiences.

With high rising competition and companies struggling to handle in-house operations, most companies outsource their customer support to external inbound call centres. However, how do these external partners handle high volume calls coming in every minute? Well, the key is AI!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized service operation and the traditional inbound call center services have modernized to meet customer expectations. With the market competition rising dramatically, call centers need to work upon their service enhancement to reach the customer before the competitor.

AI helps here to analyse the content, context, and answer a particular query accordingly. Earlier agents had to analyse each call manually, understand the customer’s needs, and work on service deliveries that took a lot of time. However, with the introduction of AI, many hassling and monotonous functions of the inbound service provider is simplified and automated, as bots answer customers 24X7.

Companies hired inbound customer support providers to avoid the threat of call abandonment, call queueing, and in-appropriate answers to the customer. However, with changing time and customers’ expectations growing every day, agents now need an automated system that saves time and helps to reach the customer instantly.

This is where Chatbots help! Bots help to answer repetitive inquiries with the assistance of a software application, which helps to conduct online chat sessions. Bots use text or text-to-speech systems wherein the agent can contact the caller directly answering her/him as a live agent.

Bots understand the input from the caller through text or voice message and reading the keywords, they give a relevant answer chosen from their system. The repetitive questions that a business had to handle with manual agents on-board are simplified with bots that answer queries by stimulating human conversations. Bots use technologies like machine learning and natural language processing.

Moore says, “Chatbots are programmed to simulate human conversation and exhibit intelligent behaviour that is equivalent to that of a human.”

When talking about inbound support service enhancement in today’s competitive era, AI-based Chatbots can be of great help. How?

Check out the Ways AI Works for Inbound Call Centres:

Inbound Call Centre Leveraging Personalized Services

Personalized service is always appreciated and inbound call centres can deliver personalized support with AI. Machine learning technology used in AI helps to offer personalized services as automated solutions help to analyse customers’ buying patterns, which gives an understanding of the customer needs, and thereafter, service management is altered accordingly.

The customers’ browsing habits are analysed with AI automatically, which ultimately helps to meet service requirements in a better manner. Personalized services are only possible when a business tries to understand customer needs and bots help to increases satisfaction by instant answering services and boosted brand loyalty.

Imagine yourself as an E-commerce firm. Isn’t it significant for you to make sure that your customers are answered instantly and they receive services based on what they expect? Well, this is where bots are essential as they analyse customer calls and texts and deliver services accordingly. Manual data analysis took a lot of time, which is why a technologically efficient app assists in offering personalized customer-centric services!

Enriched Customer Support for Inbound Call Center

All companies offering inbound call support services can augment their services with AI in use. AI-driven bots help to provide 24X7 services without the threat of call abandonment or call queue issues.

When an inbound call center uses manual services, it is hard to manage customer data and offer 24X7 services. However, with an automated bot supporting the business, inbound answering services can work efficiently on weekends, and holidays.

AI-driven bots never answer customers impatiently or are never frustrated with overloaded tasks. Contrarily, bots analyse customer-agent communication and draw insights to answer and serve the customer better.


Inbound call centre functions are not confined to traditional call answering services today. With the advent of automated technologies like AI, inbound support has been modernized.

Today customers do not prefer calling the business agent and interacting with them to get their issues sorted. The modern era is all about self-service, where tech-savvy millennials try to solve their issue with the help of business webpages, descriptive options, or maybe AI support.

Inbound customer support providers understand the need for self-service. Leveraging AI, they draw data from customers’ online search, orders which are done previously, and customer-agent interactions. Thereafter analysing the searches, inbound support agents try to find out the issues that the customers may look for, thus an adequate resolution is made available through tailored help pages.

24X7 Service and Instant Support

Inbound call centres were all about answering incoming calls splendidly without the chance of customer dissatisfaction. Companies hired an outsourced inbound support partner because they wished to have professionals answering their agents to avoid dissatisfaction hassles.

However, with the introduction of AI, inbound call centre functions have received a modern touch. Traditionally, it was hard to manage a team of manual agents in-house offering splendid 24X7 services. However, AI-bots answer each incoming call with the same ease as the first one. This way AI-driven Chatbots help to reduce customer dissatisfaction and callers receive services by their side 24X7X365.

Chatbots Building Relationships for Inbound Call Centres

Yes, you heard it right! Most companies wish to be indulged into proactive communication with their customers. AI-driven Chatbots help to keep in touch with the customers by interacting like a live agent.

Whether it is interacting on the clients’ birthday, interaction through emails, text on occasions, or a text to check whether the customer is satisfied with the business service or not, Chatbots remember everything. Since bots automate and save data, thus they remembering answering and getting along customers on special days.

Not only is this, but bots also add new customers’ data and make sure that the business service reaches them whenever required.

No Call Queue Hassles

Inbound call center companies were always questioned when it comes to call-waiting hassles. Customers always complained about long call waiting stresses, which is why partners interrogated their outsourcing partners offering inbound support about the issue.

However, with the introduction of AI, customers no longer have to wait in long queues to get their issues resolved. Chatbots increase the business’s answering capabilities with automation.

Since customers today believe in quick resolutions, thus why wasting time on irrelevant manual time taking functions. Adopt AI-driven Chatbots for your inbound call centre company!

Wrap Up

Identifying behavioural patterns and simplifying inbound call centres service accordingly is the advantage of AI. This automated service not only makes the customers’ lives easier but also makes the employees’ tasks hassle-free.

Most of the essential day-to-day processes that took a lot of time unnecessarily are been automated with AI, so why sticking back to traditional services!

Save your expenditures and drive efficiency with AI-based Chatbots for customer support service.

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