How Hard is it to Get into Ross University Medical School? How Can You Apply for it?

If you have been thinking to take admission to Caribbean Medical School, then we will highly recommend you with the option of Ross University School of Medicine. Ross University Medical School has a strong reputation where it is playing an important role in graduating well-trained physicians who are residing in the US for the further start of their medical career.

Ross University School of Medicine is aiming to educate doctors for the last 40 years and has been boasting a high alumni network of almost 14,000 physicians. All the graduates of this medical school will be allowed to perform their practice in the field of medicine in almost 50 states and 900 countries.

Important Courses/Programs at Ross University School of Medicine

Different options are available to earn an MD degree from Ross University Medical School. 4.5 years of MD program is offered, which is based on 5 semesters of basic classroom instruction and 4 semesters are based on clinical rotation.

What is the cost of the Ross University School of Medicine?

For the year 2019-2020, the base tuition fee of this medical school was $48,340. Plus, with the addition of room costs along with the supplies, transportation, and some indirect expenses, the cost will be around $77,302 per year.

This cost is a little bit high as compared to the rest of the medical schools in the US. This is although the biggest drawback to make your way into the medical school of the Caribbean. But all the students who are applying to Ross medical school, they will be given US federal aid for any sort of non-need-based loans. Thus, this is the major feature that will signify the difference between Ross medical schools with the rest of the medical schools.

Ross is also offering a wide range of scholarships on the merit base criteria for the students. This will range up the whole cost of tuition to almost one semester. Plus, those students who have been applying for the MPH/MD program, they can also apply for different scholarships which will cut down 100% of the whole tuition costs.

What is the acceptance rate in the Ross University School of Medicine?

This medical school is having an acceptance rate of almost 42%. Out of this acceptance rate, 48% is of female students, and male students are at 52%. 91% of the students who have enrolled are US or Canadian citizens, and 24% of them are from underrepresented backgrounds.

Plus, this medical school has been offering 3 different sessions every year which is held in September, January, and in May. September admission session will be enrolling the largest range of fresh students. A smaller percentage of students will enrol in January and May.

Important Requirements for Ross University School of Medicine

While not being required by most of the medical schools in the Caribbean, but for Ross University, passing through the MCAT is the main consideration and basic requirements. Without MCAT, no applicant will be allowed to pass the admission process.

It is also important for the applicants that they should be giving the MCAT within five years of their semester. Candidates who have also attended the non-English institutions should also submit the TOEFL scores as the main requirement at the time of admission.

Below is the list of major requirements which applicant should consider in the application:

  • Online application of Ross or the copy of AACOMAS or AMCAS application
  • Online transcript document of all the professional schools or colleges attended
  • At least 2 letters of recommendation
  • 1 letter from the premed professor
  • 1 letter from the physician or the employer
  • MCAT score document
  • Passport-sized photograph (optional)

Ross University School of Medicine is just aiming to enrol those students who are conscious about making a big improvement in global health and also adding a positive change in the underserved candidates. An ideal student at Ross University is the one who is fully committed to providing the best primary healthcare services over the healthcare shortage.

Application Method

Applicants have to submit their application after the attachment of one personal statement besides multiple secondary essays. You cannot apply all through the AMCAS as you are just able to use AMCAS medical school personal statement for your required application to Ross.

If in case you do not want to submit your AMCAS personal statement, then the medical school will be providing its very own prompt for you to respond with. You can better check out with some strong personal statement examples for your convenience.

As you are writing a personal statement for the Ross University of School Medicine, it is important to address both the topics which need to be included in the essay prompt. Ross is trying to search those students who are in want to serve primary care in underserved areas as a professional physician. Final selection of the candidate selection will be made through the requirements that are set by the admission committee. The committee is based on the faculty members from basic sciences, natural sciences and different health sciences.

You can approach the essay by, first of all, choosing the personal quality which you want to demonstrate in the statement. In the word limit of almost 300 words, you don’t need to put together any sort of detailed or long stories.

But make sure you include two of the brief anecdotes which need to be related to the prompt. You don’t need to mention the combination of the world’s medicine in your story. They already know about it.

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