How data science has helped revolutionized the healthcare sector

How data science has helped revolutionized the healthcare sector

We are in the midst of a global healthcare crisis. When the Covid 19 pandemic hit nations like Italy, Spain, and the United States, it seemed as if the whole human civilization was caught by a very bad surprise. We were not prepared for an outbreak of this sort. There were not enough hospitals, or doctors, or protective gears to combat the situation. Seven months down the line humanity’s future does not look that bleak anymore. Some vaccines are already being tested on human subjects, We may soon find respite. The nightmarish situation could have gone on for a much longer period of time had it not been for data science. This article is a short tribute to how data science has empowered the healthcare sector in the last few years

More information at a faster pace

Medical professionals work with a lot of blind spots. Take the probable covid vaccine for instance. It takes decades of research and analysis to truly understand the potential of a vaccine. We did not have that sort of time hence the medical professionals will have to depend on their intuition and experience in terms of applying the vaccines when they do arrive. The same thing happens whenever any patient is presented to the emergency room. Each patient comes with a unique set of complications and the triage itself can get really tricky at times. With the help of advanced analytical tools it is now possible to record and access more information about patients and their condition in different circumstances. The vast databases help doctors diagnose faster and more accurately.

Augmentation of the prescribing process

Writing a prescription seems like a pretty straightforward procedure but a lot of things can actually go wrong. The medical professionals must take into account the allergies a patient might have, the previous medication, history of certain cases. AI based systems can tap into the patients’ historical medical data and provide the healthcare workers with instant alerts and recommendations. It is proving to be a life saving tool, especially in a pandemic situation.

A great boost to the pharmaceutical industry

Creating a medicine, testing it, and preparing it for mass production, are very time taking affairs. The developments in data science has made it possible to drastically decrease the time spent in protein structure testing and beta testing the medicines. There is also a far less chance of inaccuracies.

Remote healthcare

With the help of deep learning and computer vision it is now possible to provide remote healthcare much more effectively. In fact a lot of tests can be automated with the help of deep learning models.

If you are planning to undergo a data science course just remember that data science in the healthcare sector is wide open and expanding fast.