How Can Retailers Maximize the Influx of Organic Search Traffic to PDPs During COVID-19?

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As we have seen in the last few months, COVID19 (also known as coronavirus) has made a massive change in shopping trends, behavior and methods across affected areas. And many of the physical retail shops and services have begun operating under limited hours with the precautionary measures or have temporarily shut their doors to prevent the spread of the virus.

In this situation, a large number of consumers, which are uncertain about the future, are making a lot of orders on eCommerce sites and purchasing necessary items in bulk for the future. They also tend to purchase non-standard items to make their extended time of panic and stress at home more comfortable.

Due to this new trend in the e-commerce industry, some of the brands are experiencing a visible increase in their organic search traffic, which is traditionally known as the “second-largest” origin of overall monthly eCommerce traffic. Retailers, especially those who are dealing in essential goods and products, can expect their organic search traffic to increase sharply.

As all of us – retailers and consumers – are striving to manage this time of current crisis, the best practice would be to help the marketing community to make the impact of current economic situations as low as possible. And to best help, the customers, improve your product discovery and optimize your product detail pages (PDPs). The first priority should your product detail pages as they are the first part that your customers will see whenever they enter your sites. It is a good opportunity for all the online retailers to maximize their performance of traffic to these pages so that customers can find what they are looking for. Following are a few recommendations in this regard that will help you increase your PDPs traffic.

Add a Wish List in Product Detail Pages:

As most of the customers are now stuck at their home, they can still want to search for the products they are interested in purchasing in the future. One of the best ways is to add a wish list or favorite items list in the product detail pages. This will help your customer coming back for the product whenever there is an opportunity to purchase in the future.

Once you have created one, it will be easy to quickly add saved items in the cart, making the customer experience better. Another benefit of these wish lists will be the customer-brand relationships, as brands can then contact their customers through email whenever there is a sale or discounts for the specific product.

Show More Product Recommendation:

Product recommendations are consistently used to show-case relevant items for visitors on Product Detail Pages. However, brands can affect browsing even further by creating a desired recommendation experience.

For example, instead of just one recommendation widget or tabs, you can include several widgets in your PDPs, each experimenting with a different strategy, such as “From the Same Brand” or “Similar To.” In addition, recommendations with infinite scroll can serve to continuously surface and recommend new items to visitors, attracting them to keep exploring until they found the right product.

Special Discount Is an Essential Tool:

Discounts are one of the factors that can reduce the risk associated with purchasing products and can create positive brand associations during this time of flux. You can set the timeframe of each promotion on the PDPs so as to create a sense of urgency without burdening consumers.

Whenever it is possible, try to tie these discounting activities directly to the current coronavirus pandemic and acknowledging the need for price cuts. And keep in mind to always display regular pricing on the products to enhance the sense of value being offered.

Bundling Items

Bundling different items in a single product pack is a classic value enhancement. It will definitely increase your product sales as the bundles will be made of necessity and relevant items. You can try experimenting with adding different free products to the staple category and leveraging the increase in benefits to drive trials.

Another thing that can be done for this purpose is to display the standard price to make the bundle’s value clearer to the buyer. This will surely make an impact on the sales of the products.

Communicate with Your Customers:

In this epidemic situation, everything is in flux, and consumers may wonder about you are doing. At that stage, try to communicate with your customers as much as possible. In this Add a banner about the resources and news about COVID-19 at the PDP and answer frequently asked questions.

Be clear and set expectations when it comes to any outages or service disruptions. Additionally, what steps you are taking as a retailer and brand to keep your customers and employees safe.

Lastly, it is still not guaranteed that this new traffic would translate into revenue. You should stand with your consumers during this unprecedented situation, the benefits of this will be your lasting relations with your consumers even after this pandemic is gone.

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