How can I solve problems with a PayPal purchase?

How can I solve problems with a PayPal purchase?

Just like any online payment service, PayPalusers also face some transaction problems while using it. There are some common problems that you might face while using PayPal. Such transactions issues can be resolved using the PayPal Resolution Center. You can also take help from PayPal Chat to solve your problem.

Some common PayPal issues and their troubleshooting

Given below are some most common issues that every PayPal users might have encountered while using its application or web services:

Problem 1: Currency Converter Reads “Null”

It is one of the most common and frustrating PayPal issue that can make you unable to use the application. This problem is generally encountered while transferring between currencies. Suppose, you need to convert USD to GBP, for this you have to click on Summary > Currencies and type in the appropriate fields under Currency Exchange option.

And when you click on the Calculate button, it will show “null”. Though it is a frustrating bug, but there is no need to panic in such situation. All you need to do is close the application and then restart it again after waiting for a while.

Problem 2: Shortage of Funds After Pre-Ordering

Have you ever faced such situation when you pre-order any upcoming product and while making the payment through PayPal, it displays that you don’t have enough money in your account? This can be easily solved by taking help from live person of PayPal. For this, you must know how do I speak to a live person at PayPal, so that you can get an exact idea of how you can deal with such situations.

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