How can I get ready for the GIIS scholarship exam in 1 week

Are you making applications to secure funding for your education? Well, you probably understand how nerve-wracking it can be, trying to prepare for scholarship exams. Just because you are an eligible candidate does not always translate to getting awarded the scholarship. Preparation is a crucial part of the entire application process.

The GIobal Indian International School CBSE offers scholarship for school students requires them to pass the interviews and tests to grab the scholarship.

How can I get ready for the GIIS scholarship exam in 1 week?

There is no sure way of passing any exams in the world other than preparing amply. The more prepared you are, the less likely you will be overwhelmed and underperform because you were anxious. With the scholarship tests, here are a few tips to help you prepare for them effectively:

  1. Start early – As soon as you determine to start applying for the scholarship, prepare for the imminent interviews and tests. This way, you will have ample time to calm yourself down before the day of the exam. If you only have a week to go, make every day of that week count. Realize that you are preparing for an exam as well as an interview. Both of them will require you to present your best front so you can secure the scholarship.
  2. Learn more about the scholarship provider – Nothing is as embarrassing as knowing nothing about the people you ask for assistance in getting you through your education. While learning about them, you can gather more information about the exams, the type of questions likely to be asked, and so much more than help you get it right in your interview.
  3. Refer to past exams – You are not the first applicant for this scholarship. It means that other people have gone before you and have substantial information that can help you prepare well. The past exams will help you identify any repeated questions as well as the best responses for them. If you need to, consult an expert to help you make the best out of the previous exams.
  4. Practice – If you will take online exams, there is no reason why you should not be practicing. Put time limits for the questions you answer, as this will count in the actual exams. The more you practice, the more confident you will be about the entire examination process.
  5. Rehearse your interview responses – You must also prepare yourself for the interview, not just the exams. While you may not know all the answers to the questions, you should know a thing or two about how to respond to questions. Rehearse with a friend or family on any questions that are likely to come up in the GIIS scholarship interview. Get better at answering questions without digressing or over-amplifying your achievements and GPA, and scores.

These steps mentioned above can make you a step closer to winning a scholarship and aiming for better education.

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