How can actors learn acting on their own?

Summary: If you are trying to learn acting by yourself. So you can do these things to learn the basics of acting and it can help you in becoming a decent actor. But to become professional you need to attend acting classes.

Acting is not something that you get overnight. It takes regular efforts, discipline, and experience to improve as an actor. If you want to learn acting on their own you will need to follow certain tips:

Things you needed the most to start learn Acting

  1. Watch Television and Films

Watching great performances is one of the best ways to learn acting. For this, try to watch all genres and different types of videos and movies as acting does not come with restrictions or limitations. So try to learn from what you see, if you can watch mime videos then it will be very useful.

  1. Read Plays and Screenplays

Find an Act, Plays, or Screenplays whatever you want to read. This will help you to understand how characters work and allow you to analyze the material and it helps you to understand how to portray characters from a page to stage or in front of a camera.

  1. Read Books about Acting

Books can’t teach you how to act, but it might give you interesting ideas and tips that you can use to improve your current skills. You can find many books that can help you learn unique ways to audition, to perform, and to get into character. One of the best authors is Stanislavski.

  1. Start Analyzing your Real World

In the present world, everybody is acting so start analyzing people and situations, go to the mall or park, watch them, learn from them. Find an interesting face or situation and create a scene about what’s happening.

How to practice Acting of your own

  1. Learn from Watching

This is the best way to start your acting practice, by analyzing videos with sound and watching it again without the sound. In mute keep your eye on the actors and their performances, body language, reactions, emotions, etc. Through this, you can observe the actual performance of actors without getting distracted by the plot.

  1. Read & Memorise Monologues and Short Scenes

Go over Monologue or Scenes, read it, break it down and know where you are, who you are talking to, who you are, what you need, etc. Do loud cold reading like you are performing, you need to practice Monologue frequently and must be able to memorize a phrase up to a page or two. Mastering the ability to memorize lines efficiently is the first and basic need of every actor.

  1. Work on your Range of Emotions

After practicing and memorizing your Monologue try to perform with a variety of short dialogs in front of a mirror. Write a list of emotions like happiness, sorrow, hurt, anger, sadness, love, etc. and try to act in every emotional state while performing your monologue, as well as check your performance to see how versatile you can be.

  1. Record yourself with a Video Camera

Set up a camera and Record yourself while acting out your monologue. This can be a good exercise to identify your mistakes, and you can easily pinpoint areas where your acting is lacking. Watching yourself and taking notes on what you are doing write down the areas where you want to improve. Then go back and try it again.

Things you should work on while learning Acting

  • Read Monologue as much as you can improve your memory and try to remember every Monologue.
  • Improve your observation power and try to feel the character you wish to act.
  • Get command over the language, work over your voice, and dialog delivery.
  • Work on your body language, gestures, and movements.
  • Learn to improvise, try to develop your unique skills.
  • Work on your expression and eye contact.

To Practice Acting from Home, is not the guaranteed way to become a successful actor. Acting is a performing art form that is largely dependent on relating to others. That is why I urge you to find a good acting class and be a part of it because you cannot get much progress from self-study.

When you are starting to learn your acting, training with professionals is important because being witnessed by others, and getting feedback is essential to your acting development.

Barry John Acting Studio (BJAS) is the best place to learn acting from a professional to a basic level. They offer different courses according to your skill type. They will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge you lack. They inspire you to face the camera with confidence.

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