How Buying a Video Door Bell Can Enhance the Security of Your Premises?

A video doorbell is a half safety camera and half door bell. A video doorbell works by giving you instant access to a live video feed on who is ringing the bell and also sending visual real time alerts to your mobile phone. Most modern candidates for the best video doorbell system fall into the ‘smart’ video doorbell category. The first step in being able to make the right decision, when buying a video doorbell, is to know exactly what you need. Once you have that information you will be in a much better position to compare prices and to choose the product that best suits your requirements. The following are some things you should consider before making your purchase.

Various things to look for in a video doorbell

First thing you should look for in a video doorbell are the options available such as motion detection and voice activation. There are both systems that have sensors built into them, but they can also be operated by a single unit with a single button. Each system will give you a different level of security. A good choice would be one that detects when someone opens the front door and activates the main unit then if there is no movement then it simply turns off. It is important to note that a door with motion detection will most likely require installation as they are designed to detect when somebody opens the front door.

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Another thing you should consider is whether to get professional monitoring. You should always aim to get a video doorbell that works independently of the main unit and one that is easy to install by yourself. If you are going for a professional monitoring option then you should get a camera system that has at least two cameras. Some of the best video doorbell systems have as many as eight cameras. This will provide you with full coverage in the event that there is an attempted break in.

Find a video doorbell with the compatibility of your system

You will have to ensure that the new video doorbell that you choose has to be compatible with the existing doorbell setup. The main benefit of a new system is that it will be able to replace your existing doorbell without any additional costs. There are a few other factors that need to be considered before you go ahead and buy one. The first thing that you should consider is whether you want a ring peephole cam or not. Ring peepholes do look more professional than those that have a white blinking light but they are more expensive as well and need to be installed professionally.

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There are several types of video doorbell cameras on the market. These include the flush mount, wall mount, or a tilt and turn switch cam. If you are looking for high security then you should go for the flush mount. If you want more functionality or want to minimize the view of your neighbors then you should choose the wall mount or the tilt and turn switch cam.

Understand the difference between hardwired systems and applications

The other important factor that you should consider before buying video doorbells is whether you want to get a hardwired system or whether you should go in for an app. Installing a hardwired system is easier but it comes with various risks and is also much more costly. On the other hand, an app that you install on your phone will cost you only a small amount of money but you will have live monitoring which means that the police or the fire station will be informed about your activities. You can also monitor all the activities from anywhere just by downloading an app.

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The advantage of using an app for video doorbell cameras

One of the most interesting advantages of an app is that you can easily install it on your own smartphone or tablet. Once it is installed then you will be able to access the doorbell cameras feed from anywhere even when you are not at home. The live video feed from the doorbell cameras will help you monitor what is happening in your house even when you are away. So, if you are away from home for some days and you see that someone is trying to open your garage door or if there is somebody who has entered your house without permission you can monitor the situation from your smartphone through the motion detection camera feed.

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All these benefits can be availed of if you buy video doorbell that has an IP rating. Most of the IP-protected video doorbells come with an HD resolution camera and they also have night vision and panic switch. This feature will help you identify any suspicious motion even in total darkness. So you need to make sure that you buy an IP rated doorbell so that you do not end up in trouble later on. So go out there and look for the best video doorbells and experience a remarkable reduction in your monthly telephone bills.

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