Secrets to Reducing your Rising Hospital Accounts Receivable

Following up on the claims or management of your accounts receivable eventually depends on how well your resources are aware of the adjudication guidelines. Any kind of payments received from the patients, insurance can be measured as accounts receivable. Outsourcing of your hospital accounts receivable can help you focus on your patients a lot better.

A quality team of experts who knows how to bring back your money on time and have the ability to work as next-door rates will add huge value to your cash flow in the long run. Finding a reliable operational extension that knows how to take care of your pending accounts receivable will be a huge bonus for you in the long run. With a unique ability to deliver proficiency across all practice management systems, they can transform your flow of revenue stream in the best possible manner.

GoTelecare: A complete accounts receivable destination

The best part of working with GoTelecare will be our niche presence, with an expert pool of resources that can take your cash flow to the next stage. We are currently working with some of the largest hospitals and that too with excellent references.

Our expertise in working on rejections, filing appeals, and for underpayments, submitting claims on time, and experience of working with aging accounts receivable as old as three years is second to none. Moreover, we have the skillset to eliminate loopholes in your practice management process by working as a complete RCM partner.

At just 1% of collections, GoTelecare offers comprehensive support in reducing your pending bucket of hospital accounts receivable. If you are looking for customized support, someone who can offer you a tangible roadmap on how you can increase your flow of cash and increase reimbursements, we have the ultimate answer for you.

Our experts are just a call away from you! Leverage the GoTelecare trust and let us share our success story with you over a no-commitment call. Reduce your operational costs by 70% with the trust and difference that we bring to the table.

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