Why Sunknowledge Services Inc is The Best RCM for Your HME Billing Process?

Today having an efficient RCM for your HME billing process has become a vital part of every healthcare practice that wishes to have a better ROI. And for this, healthcare providers are opting for outsourcing their HME billing services, as it is much more of a convenient solution. Sunknowledge Services is one such cost-effective convenient HME billing solution.

Saving significantly on labor costs for the healthcare practices considering layoffs or furloughs and effectively assuming vacant billers and coders position at a much lesser rate Sunknowledge team of expert billers and certified coders are here implementing complete front/ back end billing, supporting critical RCM functions. Helping all the healthcare practices in this crisis pandemic situation and also for the past 15 years with streamline billing operation and efficient cash flow for many practices, Sunknowledge also helps practices focusing on their only work which is patient care management.

Other benefits of Sunknowledge as an RCM organization:

With the lesser overhead costs and helping billing operation moving smoothly, Sunknowledge services are also known for improving efficiency, enhancing performance, and also for maintaining an accuracy rate of 99.9% in all the billing and coding processes.

From ensuring correct and complete data entry to identifying un-coded or under-coded claims and opportunities, claims management process, etc, our experts take the complete billing responsibility with increase revenue and optimize reimbursement.

Ensuring the continuous follow-up and working on improving your AR bucket by reducing 30% within the first month itself, our experts understand the best practices offering complete operational transparency and benefits like customized reporting, highest productivity metrics in the market as well as a no-cost dedicated account manager by your side.

In fact, working for more than a decade has also made our experts known for being proficient in working on different billing software like Brightree, Kareo, Fastrack, DME works, CPR +, and many more; ensuring a faster and errors free billing process.

Helping you deliver the best possible patient experience by reducing all your HME billing and coding worries, we today are the part of leading DME, HME space in the industry

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