Hiring in 2020: How to Successfully Use Video Interviews

Face-to-face interviews have turned into nothing but a memory both candidates and employers this year, and it seems they won’t be returning to the hiring process any time soon. Instead, digital tools are now facilitating this process with virtual interviews and calls now being the new normal.

For the hiring managers and HR staff that are often in charge of employing new staff, this has presented them with a new challenge: how to carry out video interviews successfully so that they can still find the perfect candidate for the role, something which they relied on face-to-face interviews for.

The answer is to either trust an expert recruitment agency like Agile Recruit to do it for you or make sure that you take the following steps to guarantee that the video interview is the best it can possibly be and successful in helping you find your next employee.

Prepare Yourself and the Interviewee

It is easy to assume that video interviews require little to no preparation in comparison to face-to-face ones. After all, the candidate isn’t travelling to your offices, and you don’t have the hassle of trying to book a space to conduct the meeting. However, just like an in-person interview, there are still things you must do to prepare both yourself and the interviewee, such as sending them a meeting request with the time and date of the video.  

When it comes to the interviewees, you should also remember to inform them of what platform the interview will take place on so that they have enough time to download the app and familiarise themselves with the software.

On your end, you should also test your internet connection, camera, and microphone in advance of the interview to ensure that these are all working as they should.

Draw Up a List of Questions

As with a face-to-face interview, it is a good idea to plan your questions in advance, to avoid any gaps in the conversation and to make sure that you cover everything you need to know to move the candidate forward in the application process.

You will already be using your screen for the interview itself so, unless you have a second monitor at your disposal, it is a good idea to print off the interview questions and have these at hand along with the candidate’s CV. Doing so will also help you keep the interview on track and ensures that you do not run over – especially important if you are doing several interviews on the same day.

Avoid Distractions

Candidates are often the focus when people talk about avoiding distractions during video interviews, but this also applies to the interviewer. Make sure that all of your digital devices are on silent and your colleagues know not do disturb you for the duration of your interview; otherwise this can throw you off track, derailing the entire interview.

If like most people you are working from home, make sure that you also minimize distractions that could happen here such as a pet running into the room or your partner interrupting you.

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