Here’s why you should consider becoming an iPhone parts distributor

Of all the smartphones in existence today, the iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular of them all. Ever since 2007, when the first iPhone was released, a total of 20 iPhones has been released by the trillion-dollar-Cupertino-giant-company, Apple. The iPhone has massive popularity around the world and every year, millions of people, buy the latest and greatest version of the iPhone which is launched just around September, every year. There is a lot of money to be made for anyone who is dealing with iPhone products and parts. That’s why people around the world are so enamored by the idea of becoming an iPhone parts distributor. There can be a lot of benefits if and when you become an authorized iPhone parts distributor. You will be able to buy the parts at a discount from Apple and then sell it at very healthy profit margins to your customers, such as retailers, mobile recyclers, and sometimes even end-consumers. Add to that, the financial freedom of running your own business! If you are still debating the pros and cons of becoming an authorized iPhone parts distributor, then read on further to know the many benefits of doing the same.

Why it makes sense to become an iPhone parts distributor

The demand for iPhones has been on a constant upward trajectory, ever since it was launched first in 2007 and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, especially when new, latest and greatest versions are launched every year. People aren’t excited by the idea of migrating to other devices, even if they are available at the fraction of the cost of the iPhone. The iPhone might be a great device but it is still not immune to problems and vulnerabilities. Fortunately, you can cash in on this vulnerability of the iPhone by becoming an iPhone parts distributor who deals in iPhone parts like screen protectors, batteries, home buttons, LCD display, travelers chargers, internal parts, and flexes, privacy screen films, USB cables and so much more! Your clients would be mainly mobile repair businesses who often order these iPhone parts in bulk to fix the phones of their clients. You will also get a lot of iPhone parts retailers and resellers who will be lining up to buy iPhone parts from you. Since you will be buying in volume from Apple itself, you will be better placed to offer the iPhone parts at discounted prices to your clients. If and when you do so, you will be able to stay on top of the competition and will be able to claim a sizeable portion of the market.        

What you will need to become an iPhone parts distributor

To become an iPhone parts distributor, it is important that you have an online store as well as a brick-and-mortar store because Apple is very picky about the companies and entities, they allow them to become their authorized distributors. You absolutely need to ensure that you fit the requirement if you want to have a fighting chance of becoming an authorized iPhone parts distributor. Then you will need to have a business license to show that your business is legitimate, licensed, and genuine. Among other things, it is equally important for your business to have a general liability insurance certificate. It goes without saying that these are the basics that you will need to have with yourself if you wish to stand a decent chance to become an authorized iPhone parts distributor. Further, you will need to have an annual turnover of at least $100,000. If unfortunately, you don’t have that kind of turnover, then you won’t be able to become an authorized iPhone parts distributor but you still have the option of buying iPhone parts wholesale from trusted sellers.

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