How is Hairline Lowering Surgery Best for Hair Treatment?

Our facial appearance and general looks impact how people portray and associate with us. If one’s facial features are out of the ordinary, people tend to focus so much on that area, and it makes us uncomfortable—a high hairline, for example. If a hairline is way too high, it makes the forehead look large. When someone addresses a person with such a condition, they will focus so much on the forehead. This tends to lower the affected person’s self-confidence. 

The good news for anyone going through a rough patch due to high hairline is that there is a permanent remedy for this condition called the hairline lowering surgery. With this hair restoration procedure, high hairlines are lowered through a surgical procedure. Causes of high hairlines include:

  • Heredity.
  • Hair thinning due to bad hairstyling.
  • Hair loss due to an accident or a previously done surgery. 

To solve the big hairline problem, a person needs to undergo hairline surgery. This hair loss treatment procedure and take two approaches, which are both quite effective. If you are a woman or a man with a high hairline, you can opt for this procedure. The final result after the surgery is quite impressive. You will have a permanently lowered hairline and regain your confidence once again. Let’s explore the hairline lowering surgery to see why it offers the best hair loss treatment. 

When hair starts growing way up the forehead, it makes the forehead look larger than usual. If the cause is heredity, the condition will start showing from a younger age. If a hair loss causes a high hairline, it will show when the person reaches 25 years or older. In textured hair, over braiding the hair may also cause the hair to thin. 

What is Hairline Lowering Surgery in Hair Restoration?

A hairline lowering surgery, also called a scalp advancement, involves cutting and removing a 2 to 3 cm strip of forehead skin. Once this strip is removed, the scalp skin is advanced, closer to the eyebrows. This reduces the size of the forehead, which is why the process is also called forehead reduction. That is one way of getting rid of a high hairline. Another approach that doctors use to lower the hairline is transplanting hair into the front scalp to reduce the forehead or lower the hairline. In this scalp advancement procedure, the surgeon will extract follicular units from the scalp’s denser regions. This area is called the donor area, and it grows healthy denser hair. Hair follicles from the donor area are also not susceptible to hair loss. After the surgeon has removed the hair grafts, he will transfer them to the foreheads, covering a portion of it. This also helps to enhance the overall facial aesthetics.  

This is one of the best hair lowering techniques that guarantees the patient a permanent solution. However, for the procedure to work effectively, the doctor needs to consider several factors. He first needs to know the cause of hair loss in the forehead region, whether the forehead skin is flexible, and observe the hairline’s height. 

Who Can Undergo Hairline Surgery? 

If you feel like your forehead is large or the hairline is way above the forehead, you can opt for the hairline lowering surgery. Both men and women are eligible for this kind of procedure. However, it seems to favor women more than men. A good candidate for the hairline lowering surgery is any woman who has a naturally high hairline. 

Both men and women who don’t have a history of hair loss may also have hairline surgery. If your forehead skin is not flexible enough, the hairline surgery may not be good for you.

What is Expected of the Patient Before the Hairline Lowering Surgery? 

Salty foods and alcohol should be avoided by all means. Salt and alcohol dehydrate the body and cause swelling. If a patient is going to have surgery, swelling may prolong the recovery period. 

Anti-inflammatory medication is also not good for the patient who is about to undergo a hairline lowering surgery. Such drugs prolong the healing process. Therefore, they should be avoided a week before the surgery. 


Suppose you are not comfortable with the height of your hairline. In that case, you simply need to consult a dermatologist to know the cause and the options of hairline lowering surgery available to get rid of the condition. Before opting for such a delicate hair loss treatment procedure, research first finds a reputable clinic that offers effective hair loss treatments. 

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