Garden Flags: Add Color and Cheer To Your Garden

Are you looking for seasonal ideas to craft a unique garden decor? Have you ever had garden flags used as personalized decorative flags in your garden? Well, the latest garden decor is placing a garden flag pole with a themed décor such as a pineapple flag that has now become a trend! It is like a transformation of an old pallet with the recreation of an effigy known to many.

Interested In DIY Decorative Flags? 

Decorative flags were originally by the English navy on the royal ships. Since then, the use of decorative flags is becoming popular. Today, it is mostly for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions.They are handy for country picnics and garden parties and are very simple to make. You can also make the garland according to your favorite style: country, shabby, Nordic, and so on, choosing different but coordinated fabrics.

Here is how to make one or more do-it-yourself ‘ decorative flags, to decorate the garden, lawn, or a patio. These flags are affordable yet customized according to the theme and design to enrich the garden decor.

What You Need:

  • patterned fabrics
  • plain fabric
  • scissors
  • needle
  • wire
  • pins
  • tape or bias


  1. Download and print your favorite flag template
  2. Cut out the pattern and use it to bring the shape back to the fabrics. You can zoom in or out on the size, as you like. Just as you can increase or decrease the number of flags depending on where you want to place them. For example, a garland is of eight pennants 17 wide and 24cm long
  3. Cut 8 rectangles of different fabrics combined 20×27 cm. 8 plain color rectangles and 8 of thin thermal adhesive padding of the same size
  4. Cut 8 rectangles of different fabrics combined 20×27 cm. 8 plain color rectangles and 8 of thin thermal adhesive padding of the same size
  5. Join a rectangle of padding on the reverse of a rectangle of patterned fabric, with the adhesive side facing the fabric and iron. So prepare all eight rectangles
  6. Over each padded rectangle overlay a solid color rectangle, right sides together
  7. Halt with the pins and with the help of the paper pattern draw the shape of the flag on the back of each one
  8. Sew only two sides, leaving the top edge open. Cut out the excess fabric, leaving a margin of about 0.75 cm on the sides that converge towards the tip and on the line drawn on the top side. From this turn up the triangles, iron and, only on the two sides that converge at the bottom, go over the seam about 2 millimeters from the edge
  9. Take a tape or a bias 180 cm long and 3 cm wide. Fold it in half (180×1.5 cm) and iron it.
  10. Open the two flaps and insert the flags in the middle (the top side left open), starting from the center and leaving about 9 cm between one and the other

Your decorative flags are ready to decorate your home, garden, and your party!

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