Future Estimate for UAE Real Estate Market in 2020

It has been reported that the residential deals price in Abu Dhabi fell by around 7.5% in 2019 and prices in Dubai fell by 6.0% over the same period. In the following three years, it is expected that more than 392,000 sq meters of office supply is to be delivered in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai and throughout the following five years, till about 2025, the retail stocks are expected to increase by 56% to 5.91 million sq meters. 
According to experts, while the performance in the UAE real estate sectors had fairly eased back down on a normal, it has again begun to see some strong developments in certain market segments. The scope of regulations has been presented as of late which have increased the simplicity of working together and the harmony among supply and demand will upgrade the basics which underline the Dubai property market, thereby expanding the confidence of Abu Dhabi apartments buyers and realtors the same.

Macroeconomic view 

The initial estimates from UAE Central Bank will show that the GDP of UAE has increased by 2.3% in 2019, which is an increase from 1.7% growth which had been recorded in 2018. This growth has dominatingly been the consequence of the increase in performance of the hydrocarbon sector which had a growth of 2.8% in 2018 to 4.9% in 2019. The non-oil sector had a moderate growth however, up from 1.3% in 2018 to 1.4% just in 2019. In any case, with the Expo 2020 approaching round the corner, the GDP is expected to increase rapidly and a growth pace of 2.2% is estimated. 

Then again, the residential deal prices in Abu Dhabi saw a decrease of 7.5% in 2019 and in Dubai, prices fell by 6.0%. The last mentioned notwithstanding, showed early indications of recuperation and in 2018, growth was up by almost 26%. 

The conveyance of up and coming ventures in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will prod considerable growth in the sector. More than 8500 units are expected to be delivered in 2020 which is the most elevated since 2013. Almost 62,500 units will be finished in 2020. This inundation will squeeze the prices and rents yet various measures are being set up to make the market as solid as before. 

In the Office space situation, through the span of 2020, it is estimated that the pattern of union and quality improvement would continue and this will be driven by gentler market conditions just as the progressions brought in by guideline like 100% remote possession law just as double licensing. It is expected that the rental rates will decay and the market will be favorable for the renters. The drawn out responsibilities from corporate occupiers and the normal rent lengths shifting towards the multi year point, will solidify the sector. 

What experts predict 

It is expected that throughout the following three years, about 392,000 sq meters will be delivered in Abu Dhabi apartment for sale and a 10.6% increase will be seen. The majority of the conveyances are in any case, in non-center areas or are worked-to-suit units for proprietor occupation and it is foreseen that the extra supply will materially affect market performance. 

The short to medium term viewpoint for the commercial market in Dubai is as yet negative as it may be, with the rents expected to go down even further. The office market is going to piece by territory and furthermore inside resource grades. In 2019, it was seen that Dubai’s complete GLA added up to 10.05 million square meters by 2025 and it is estimated that this will be an aggregate of 11.3 million square meters, which indicates an increase of 12.5%. 

In terms of retail, there will be an impact on retailers as there will be greater impact of eCommerce and e-retailers. Physical retail space will be that as it may, at present attract centered buyers and will see great customer demand. In Dubai alone, till 2025, it is expected that retail stock will increase to 5.91 million sq meters from 3.46 million sq meters when contrasted with the final quarter of 2019. Over 90% of Dubai’s retail offering is classed as regional or super-regional stock and furthermore 83% of the up and coming stock, in terms of all out region will be classed as regional or super regional stock. 

It may very well be said that the Expo 2020 will help reinforce the market in this sector and the medium to long haul designers are for the most part worried about the microeconomic market, which is gradually getting serious once more.

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