FSSAI Registration – How to get an FSSAI License?

FSSAI stands for ”Food Safety and Standards Authority of India”. The FSSAI Food License is issued by the respective food authority of India that ensures the food products safety manufactured or supplied by various food Business operators in India. As per Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006, any food business operator in India to regulate the manufacturing, processing, storing and distributing of food needs to get FSSAI licence to ensure availability of safe food for human daily consumption. After applying and registered with FSSAI for your food business, you will receive a 14 digit unique food Licence number. There are 3 types of FSSAI Food Licence depends upon the scale of operation of the food business.

Three different types of FSSAI food license are:

  • FSSAI basic license
  • FSSAI state license
  • FSSAI central license

How to get an FSSAI License?

If you want to start the Food business in India. FSSAI Registration is mandatory to obtain food license for manufacturing, storing, or selling food for human consumption. FSSAI provides the opportunity to apply for food license in two different ways depends on your comfort.

  • Online Application of the FSSAI License
  • Offline Application of the FSSAI License

Online Application of the FSSAI License

The online application process of the FSSAI Registration to obtain food License is called as FLRS. FLRS stands for “Food Licensing and Registration System”. Visit FLRS website.

Food Licensing and Registration System now provides food business operators to check the eligibility and apply and register for FSSAI food license online. In additional features an automated alerts via email or text message to food business owners about license renewal and more.

Steps to apply FSSAI License Online Application

To apply for the FSSAI Food License online, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit FSSAI’s official website (FLRS) and check your eligibility for the FSSAI basic registration or state License /central license.

Step 2: Fill all the recommended information in the sign-up form for the given criteria and have your account activated.

Step 3: Now, log-in to your newly created account and start filling out the application form. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents information that are required for the License criteria you selected. This would consist of all the important documents that you would require at the time of applying for food License.

Step 4: After filling the form with all the relevant information, click on submit button and take a print out and as a copy. A reference number for the application would then be shared with you. The number will help you keep track of the application status.

After receiving the online application for FSSAI License, the designated authorities would examine your application and will then carry out a physical inspection. After the inspection, if the appointed inspector is satisfied with the details, the inspector will forward the report to the concerned authority and the 14 digit license will be issued. The FSSAI Food License process will take around 60 Days.

Apply FSSAI License Offline Application

FSSAI Application can also be applied offline. To apply for FSSAI License offline application the business owners need to take a printout within 15 days of the submission of your application form. Fill all the necessary information, supporting documents, a demand draft of the fee amount and submit the application form to the State Authority.

The validity of an FSSAI License The FSSAI Food license validity is between 1 to 5 years depends upon the number of years which is chosen by the food owners. The Food licenses usually get renewed yearly upon payment of the license fee. As per the FSSAI guidelines, food owners need to apply for the FSSAI Food License renewal within 30 days of the expiration of the existing one.

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