Frigidaire Water Filters – Know the Truth Ahead of Acquiring One

If you need to love the taste of fresh, clean and cool drinking water, Frigidaire water filters could possibly be much better than using unfiltered water, but they are surely not the ideal option. Let me get started the discussion as to why a refrigerator dispenser may not be the most effective choice by listing down the impurities present in water. Get much more facts about frigidaire water filter

There are numerous sorts of impurities present in tap water. They may be microbes like bacteria and viruses; chemicals like chlorine and fluoride; metals like lead and copper; and a variety of other contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, drugs, rust etc.

In case you are consuming this water directly, you are at the risk of quite a few health ailments including the really serious ones like cholera and typhoid. That is where Frigidaire water filters can play some function.

Using Frigidaire water filters or any other related water filter will help in keeping you from consuming such bad water. But this can be not the end with the story.

Chlorine reacts with organic pollutants in water to create toxic by-products like chloroform and TTHMs (Total Trihalomethanes). These by-products are identified carcinogens and they may be primarily associated with rectal and bladder cancer. They are also associated with breast cancer in women.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are an additional such set of contaminants which not all water purifiers can manage. These compounds are present in paints and gasoline and are accountable for causing gastrointestinal problems.

Frigidaire water filters could be fantastic for other uncomplicated contaminants but they just don’t work for these TTHMs and VOCs that are very dangerous for our health.

Why not attempt a multi block water purifier instead? As opposed to Frigidaire water filters, these purifiers use some advanced technologies like carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration to ensure 99% pure water.

An additional benefit with these filters is their low expense of maintenance. Their replacement cartridge is reasonably priced and requires replacement only twice a year. Frigidaire filters need replacement just about every 2 months and the cost of replacement is about $30!

If you need to get pleasure from cool and chilled water, better option is to have environmental friendly glass bottles, fill them with pure water coming out of your multi stage kitchen faucet filter, and stack them inside your refrigerator.

There is certainly practically nothing like the taste of fresh and cool water however the purity of drinking water is very important also. So don’t put your health at risk by using Frigidaire water filters, look out for better options and assure good health for you and your family.

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