Precautions adopted by Car Workshop For Ferrair Repair Dubai during the COVID 19 Pandemic

As the whole world is going through tough times just because of Coronavirus. Everyone is taking precautionary measures to fight against COVID 19 Pandemic. It wreaked havoc and totally turned the world upside down. Self-isolation, social distancing, quarantining are what people are turning in to stop the spread of this disease quickly. But unfortunately, no hot or cold weather can kill the coronavirus. Many businesses that are open are finding groundbreaking ways to protect the employees and customers as well. When coronavirus was on its peak point, the cars sitting idle in the parking lot with no maintenance or repair. Now the workshops are opened in Dubai with adopted precautions. Either it’s about a Nissan repair or Ferrari Repair Dubai, the workshops operate as per SOPs!

Quick Fit Auto Center Apply Precautions During Ferrari Repair Dubai

Quick Fit Auto Center ensures the health of its clients as well as their vehicle by taking extra precautions as our primary concern is our client’s health and well-being. We have always been one of the cleanest in the industry even before the threat of COVID-19. Our company implements modern safety measures to protect our employees. Every day we screen the employees to ensure that they are healthy. If the company found symptoms of COVID-19, we immediately contact their physician for a check-up.

The staff sanitizes the workshop daily and sanitize the touchpoints of the client’s vehicle as well, this includes keys, steering wheels, switches, controls, and handles. Our technicians during Ferrari Repair Dubai wear gloves and cover their faces with masks. They not only protect themselves but to you and your vehicle as well. Our staff and advisors have been instructed to wash or sanitize their hands. Our staff also sanitizes the shop, restrooms, shop doors, credit card machines, and service counter all day long.

We are confident that our staff is following the instructions strictly though our Exotic cars workshop in Dubai is clean. We request clients to leave their cars in our waiting area and don’t wait for staff to receive a car. Take advantage of our services at competitive prices with a clean and hygienic environment. Because it’s our responsibility to take care of your car’s health and yours as well. You can rely on services as our professional team has ample experience in the restoration and maintenance of luxury cars.

It can be Bentley, Lamborghini, FIAT, SEAT, BWM etc. Meet a well-qualified and proficient team of experts that use advanced technology, diagnostic equipment, and tools to examine your vehicle. We make sure repair is done keeping in mind the safety measures and hygiene. Our Exotic car experts provide high-end solutions and tips for your vehicle protection and security. Our professionals are energetic, robust, and reliable having in-depth knowledge of cars. We use the right-hand approach to examine your car by taking precautionary measures of COVID-19 Pandemic to keep you safe.

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