How to use Tek Screws

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What are Tek screws?

Tek screws are a renowned favourite especially in the electrical industry for the sole reason that they require no pre-drilling at all. They are often referred to as self drilling screws  or self-tapping fasteners and are very simple and easy to use, as they eliminate a step in the process. The tek screw has a built in feature that eliminates the need to pre-drill a whole. 

How to use Tek screws?

There is the option of drilling a pilot hole, however most choose not to do so, rather use the benefit of the tek screw as a reason not to. Firstly use the tip of the screw which has a small carving piece to establish a small hole by tapping it against the surface before driving it in. This helps to provide a starting point before you drill the screw. This saves time as there is no need to drill a hole before installing a screw. However a pilot hole will help to keep the screw straight. 

Types of Tek screws

Like other screws, these come in a variety of different sizes and types of head too. Head styles include flathead , hex washer head, wafer head, and others. 

  • Low-Profile Tek Screws: Low-profile Tek screws are most ideal for when you need to limit how far the screw’s head protrudes from its hole
  • Hex Head Tek Screws: Hex heads always provide greater stability during installation. Find Tek screws with hex heads when you’re engaged in roofing and other applications that require self-drilling through aluminum or other metals.
  • Pan Head Tek Screws: Pan head Tek screws are ideal for light-duty applications, and they reduce the need to create a pilot hole.

This is just a small selection of the many types of tek screws available on the market. Once you know and grasp what the job entails it will make choosing the correct screw effective and efficient. 

Benefits of Tek screws

  1. Time saving- self drilling screws can save you a lot of time as you can remove the pre-drilling process and therefore not have to waste time preparing. Saving time on preparing the pilot hole due to their design. 
  2. Multipurpose use. A self drilling screw is ideal for drilling in any kind of metal roof that you need, and the size of the screw is determined by the thickness of the metal being used. There are five sizes of screw. And various types of screw head including; bulge head needle points, button head teks, hex head teks, pan head needle point, wafer teks and washer head needle point. 
  3. Easy to handle. Due to their nature, self drilling screws or tek screws do not require you to be an expert in order to use them successfully. There is an added safety benefit as they do not require the use of a drill, thus helping those who are not familiar with drilling. 

Cost effective. Following on from the point above, novices can easily and successfully use a tek screw and therefore remove the need to hire someone to drill for them. This saves you both time and money. It is important to purchase your screws from a reliable seller.

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