Fastbase: 6 Tips on How to Effectively Engage Your Leads and Increase Sales

Companies are continuously seeking to increase sales and grow their business. It is therefore paramount to focus on acquiring customers who will become loyal brand ambassadors. In order to effectively engage leads and as a result increase sales, B2B marketers need to understand prospects’ behavior properly and their journey through the sales cycle. This in turn requires a sophisticated lead management process coupled with lead scoring and lead nurturing techniques.

Lead engagement techniques help B2B marketers form lead nurturing strategies which push prospects through the sales cycle to the sales team, who seek to close business. Using appropriate lead engagement techniques will enable you to reach out to customers with content they want and need at the right time. Automation of this process results in increased sales and reduced costs as the conversion of leads to buying customers is streamlined.

Fastbase provides customers with the latest software in lead scoring, marketing automation and sales management. Below you can find 6 lead engagement techniques you can implement in your marketing strategies to grow your business.

1. Use Personas to Get to Know Your Ideal Customer

Get to know your target audience. Consider how much value your solution creates for prospects and how much they are willing to pay for it. Using personas can help you identify your most sought after leads, based on demographics, desired prospect behavior and engagement. This in turn, will enable you to create appropriate content which is key to lead generation and lead engagement.

You can use the following questions to help create personas for your products/services:

  • Demographics: who is our ideal customer? Where are they based? What pain points do they have? What market are they in?
  • Behavior: how do prospects search for information? How do they interact and engage with content? What content is most effective?
  • Source: where do prospects search for information? How do they find us? What channels are most effective?

2. Use Multiple Marketing Channels to Promote Your Business

Marketers can engage with leads through a variety of channels using the most suitable content for each for prospects to interact with. Your website may be the first point of contact for many prospects so make sure that the content on your website is engaging and there is a clear call to action. With customers being very internet-savvy, they will most likely gather information on your brand and products and services you offer before making purchase decisions.

Apart from using your website to market your business, make use of email marketing and social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Diversifying and building your presence on multiple marketing channels will undoubtedly help to generate and engage more leads. Your company must stand out and communicate effectively for prospects to engage and pay attention to your brand.

3. Score Your Leads and Automate Your Marketing Efforts

Lead scoring is important to determine the interest prospects show in your products and services. Marketing materials and content are assigned scores based on predetermined parameters and the way prospects engage with them. In theory, the more content a lead engages with, the higher their score will become. Once the score hits a certain value, which qualifies it as sales-ready, the lead is passed onto the sales team. This significantly improves the chances of closing a sale as you’re reaching out to leads who are ready to buy. Lead scoring is a very powerful technique for marketers to figure out what content and channels work, and which don’t.

However, you need to implement the right lead scoring system for your business considering your business’s individual criteria and the complexity of the sales cycle. Once you implement lead scoring, automate your marketing efforts to streamline the process of moving prospects through your sales cycle effectively.

4. Personalize and Add Value to Your Content

Personalize your marketing content. Leads appreciate being perceived as individuals, not just another source of revenue. The impression your brand makes with targeted content, showing leads you care about them and solving their pain points will result in higher conversion rates and a better feeling about your brand.

Add value to your content. The more valuable the content you produce in terms of blog posts and articles about customer pain points, the more likely they will engage with you as you are providing them with real value. When preparing such materials bear in mind that articles and blog posts are approximately 1000 words long, include graphics and have an easy-to-read layout.

5. Make Contact at the Right Time

If you really want to engage with sales-ready leads make sure you reach out to them at the right time. Lead scoring provides concrete data enabling you to target them at the right time in the sales cycle. Lead engagement requires appropriate content delivery together with powerful communication delivered with the right frequency and timing. Your sales team doesn’t want to be targeting leads who aren’t qualified as sales-ready.

Furthermore, your marketing team should provide your sales team with extensive information about the prospect’s activity and behavior. The sales team should also further research the lead prior to making contact. The more you know about your lead the higher the likelihood that they will engage.

6. Track Key Metrics

Track, measure and analyze key metrics. It is paramount that leads move through the sales funnel without being lost or sent back to marketing for more nurturing. Measure which marketing channels and content leads engage with most. This will enable you to implement an effective lead engagement strategy, which will no doubt require iteration and evaluation.

However, with effective lead engagement techniques and marketing automation you will definitely see an increase in sales performance and see your company grow.

How can Software Help You Engage with Leads Effectively?

Look for an application that can track your lead’s digital footprint on your website, score their interactions and engagement with your content and read their buying signals. It should also be able to track which pages subscribers visit and whether they open your emails and download your files. One such SaaS solution from Fastbase is called LeadScoring and provides you with an overview of your hot leads and prioritizes them for your sales team, depending on their position in the sales cycle.

Become more proactive in your marketing and sales efforts and gain knowledge and insights about your customers and prospects by having a full overview of your web visitors in LeadScoring (powered by Fastbase).

Scalable Solutions

LeadScoring is available at five subscription levels with the price depending on the number of leads, prospects and users you opt for. The basic version offering 100 leads and 100 prospects is free, whereas subsequent subscription tiers provide a good ROI for the corresponding number of leads and prospects. The “Plus” subscription level offers up to 1,000 leads and 500 prospects at $75 USD per month and as your company grows LeadScoring will be able to cater for that. The top ‘Enterprise’ subscription allows for 20,000 leads and 5000 prospects.

Boost Your Sales

Make sure you send the right message, to the right lead, at the right time. You can achieve this by using Fastbase’s revolutionary software for marketing automation and sales management. The software will simplify and streamline your marketing efforts, enable you to understand your prospects better whilst reducing costs and boosting your sales. 

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