Farrier Tools Necessary for Nailing Handmade Horseshoes

Farrier Tools Necessary for Nailing Handmade Horseshoes

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Horseshoeing is a state of the art that require years of experience in the farrier industry. Most of the farrier tools we need for hoof maintenance are manually operated. Removal of the extra hoof wall and nailing new horseshoe is a task of utmost precision. While adjusting handmade horseshoe, you may face several technical issues. It takes some good quality tools from a supplier that is taking accountability of durability. Here you are going to know about some of the mandatory tools for horse hoof maintenance. Check out the list below:-


Nipper is the first tool we need for horse hooves maintenance. This tool has wide sharp mouth endings from both sides to remove the extra wall of the hoof. In domestic horses, hoof wall grows more frequently because of their less mobility. Consequently, it becomes difficult to nail horseshoe. The farrier nippers are helpful in cutting this extra wall effectively.


After removing the extra wall, the next step is giving the hooves perfect shape. It is only possible with the help of rasps. The farrier nippers can remove the extra wall but cannot give a perfect shape. With coarse and fine radius rasps, we can trim the edges of hooves to make them attractive.

Hoof testers

Before nailing the handmade horseshoes it is necessary to make sure that there is not any pain point in the hoof of a horse. While navigating in different trains, some minor or major injuries may occur in the hoof. Also, there is a possibility of getting hoof diseases. it is important for a ferry service provided to check all these symptoms. The quickest way to make it work is with the help of a hoof tester. This tool is similar to do the nippers but has narrow endings on its mouth. When you apply pressure from both the upper and lower side of hoof, pain points become apparent. only a highly qualified farrier service provider nose how to use a hoof tester tool perfectly.

Nail puller and shoe pullers

In order to nail new handmade horseshoes, you need to remove the older ones. For this purpose, the most important tools I need our nail pullers and shoe pullers. The nail pullers have holes to grab and pull all sizes of nails. On the other hand, a shoe puller can help in removing a tightly fix the old horseshoe from the hoof.

These are some of the most important farrier tools necessary for nailing handmade horseshoes. After you remove the older one, hammer and nails are used to replace a new one.

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