Expressing Your True Spirit Through Unique Boho Chic Outfits

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I’ve always had a sort of style that was described as unique. I like flowing fabrics, breathable designs, and plenty of ruffles in my every day looks. Lightweight, casual and comfortable, easy to throw on in the morning but beautiful in an effortless sort of way. It took me a while to figure out just what my style really was, to find a way to explain my unique way of dressing and to realize that I wasn’t alone even though my style is truly one of a kind. Then I discovered California inspired Boho Chic Outfits, and finally, I knew I’d found my people!

Boho Chic is one of those awesome styles that can cover so much ground while still bringing us all together. No two boho girls dress the same, after all! And all it takes is a quick look at an amazing clothing site like Boho Pink to realize just how endless your options really are! So if you’re like me and have been wondering for a while just where you can go to find the perfect trendy styles that let you really express your inner creativity, you just might be a boho girl too!

What helped me best to realize that boho was for me was seeing other girls’ boho chic outfits online, so today I’m going to go through a few of my favorite outfits I got from Boho Pink to help you find your style too! I’ll list the full names of any Boho Pink pieces I like so you can find them too at if you want to add them to your own closet!

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

First up is something simple yet classic – an easy to wear black and white pair that I love to grab anytime I want to dress up a casual affair. My go-to classy classic casual look is a Robin White Eyelet Tie-Front Crop Top and By The Sea Black Shorts, both from Boho Pink, dressed up with a few overlapping strappy bracelets, a simple chain necklace, and some killer gladiator style sandals. Black and white go with everything, so this outfit is a great way to bring out accessories I don’t often get to use, and the elbow-length puff sleeves of the tie-front crop top leave me plenty of room to layer my bracelets. I say this is a classy casual look because the crisp and clean black and white look gives the outfit a level of elegance, but it’s still an insanely comfortable pair up of a loose and comfy summer crop top and a flouncy pair of shorts so flowy it almost looks like a skirt. To me, this look screams glamorous summer hangout at the park or the boardwalk.

When it’s time to get really fancy, I like to trade in the flowy fabrics for something a little more bodycon, but that doesn’t mean I trade in all my style! Whenever I’m heading out for a party, the Victoria Navy Sequin Mini Dress I picked up at Boho Pink is always my number one go-to. It’s a stunning bodycon mini dress that features my favorite neckline – a nice deep-V – while still satisfying the part of me that always wants to feel the wind flowing around me, even on the dance floor. That’s because of the elegantly decorated navy mesh overlay that makes up the sleeves and outer body of this beauty! The actual lining of the dress is sleeveless, but the navy mesh overlay makes up beautiful long sleeves showing off the boho chic sequin patterns that detail the rest of the dress against my bare skin. It’s breathable, beautiful, and breathtaking while preserving the free spirit energy I love to embody in my wardrobe!

There are hundreds of other looks at Boho Pink and thousands of boho chic outfits to discover for yourself. Don’t be afraid to branch out and find your own vision in the stunning styles at!

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