Everything you need to know about Wattage/Voltage MODS

Everything you need to know about Wattage/Voltage MODS

The smoking industry is shifting to E-cigarettes or MODS. MODS are synonymous to vaping devices the difference is that they can be controlled manually. Variable Voltage/Wattage MODS are gaining popularity and are becoming commonly used vaping devices. Since vaping had gained popularity, these MODS have evolved to become more simplifies, affordable, and widely available. It is recommended that beginners should start their vaping hobby by trying these MODS before trying out mechanical or hybrid MODS.

What are variable voltage/wattage MODS?

Vaping on the variable voltage/wattage MODS give the user an advantage of manually adjusting the volts to your desired setting. Vaping on the variable wattage setting essentially allows you to control the amount of power going into the device. 

Wattage remains the same throughout all coils, tanks, and devices, so 20W with one vape coil will fire at 20W on another vape coil. However, if you’re using voltage, the actual power supplied to a MOD will vary depending on the resistance of your vape coil.

Let’s see how you should change the wattage and voltage of your vaping coil to suit your needs.


If you prefer a warmer cloud of vapours, then turn your wattage up, and if you want it cooler, turn it down. This is because the higher the vape wattage, the more power will be provided to the vape coil, resulting in a warmer coil to produce warmer vapours.


Also, if you adjust the temperature of your vape, it will directly affect the flavour of your e-liquid, and if you know what flavor goes best with what temperatures, then you can really make the most of your favourite best Classic Tobaccos, thus, amplifying their essence.  

For example, cool menthol flavours tend to work best at lower wattages, meaning at cooler temperatures, as the temperature compliments the cooling menthol sensation. Whereas, creamy type e-juices work better at higher wattages and temperatures. This may sometimes even allow you to have an essence of subtle flavour peaks that you might have not noticed before.

Quantity of e-liquid used

If like your vape coil to run at a higher wattage, then it is obvious that it will produce more vapour, and hence more quantity of e-liquid would e used to create that vapour. So, if you rather want to conserve your e-liquid, try to use your vape at a lower wattage.

Battery Life

You must be aware of the fact that running a vape coil at a higher wattage will subsequently reduce the battery life of your vape as then your vape MOD will needs to pull extra power from the battery to supply that high wattage to the coil. Therefore, to protect the battery life, don’t overindulge in high wattage, or keep plenty of backup batteries.


A vape coil operating at a higher wattage will be able to produce more vapour, thus giving you more nicotine per puff. This means that at higher wattage the throat hit from your nicotine and PG is increased as well. So, if you prefer a nice, strong throat hit, then use a higher wattage. However, if you like vaping a bit smoother, use a lower wattage.

Vaping Style

If you prefer deep or very long inhales when you vape, then you may experience the burnt taste of your vaping coil if you are operating your vape at a higher wattage. Don’t worry; this is quite normal, as the coil may struggle with being fired for a long time at a high wattage. So, deep inhalers are recommended to lower your wattage, or you can take shorter inhales if you like your wattage high.


To adjust your wattage, another factor to consider is how much airflow ring you prefer on your tank when you are vaping. At higher wattages, when coils get warmer, it’s beneficial to open your airflow ring more as this extra air will prevent the coil from getting too hot and burning.