Everything You Need To Know About Hospital Gurney

Choosing a hospital gurney can be difficult. The market is offering various options and with the advancement of technology, new additions are made every few years. However, a standard hospital gurney would do the job nicely if your clinic or hospital attends a limited number of patients.

An important factor that can affect your choice of the gurney would be its technology. Highly technical or advanced gurneys are generally difficult to operate. And there may not be sufficient time to train all of your employees on how to use them.


Hospital gurneys come in three categories – semi-electric, manual, and fully electric ones. As you can understand from the name, semi-electric gurneys are semi-automatic and need human interference for height adjustments, fully electric ones can be operated by buttons and remotes, while a manual gurney has to be controlled manually.

A manual gurney is suitable for those medical facilities, where its height and setting do not require to be altered frequently. A semi-electric gurney would be comfortable if you need to change the settings but height adjustment remains the same. On the other hand, fully electric gurneys are useful where complete electric control over it is desired.

How To Choose A Gurney Mattress?

Choosing the right gurney mattress is important and its features would help you while making the selection. You will find various companies selling the best stretcher mattress, however, the right gurney mattress should be comfortable and have a decent life. Other factors affecting your choice are mentioned below.

  • Easy to clean – Since stretcher mattress is used several times during the day, there might not be enough time to clean them. Moreover, your hospital staff has a lot of other work to do instead of spending hours cleaning the mattress. The mattress should be easy to clean and just require wiping with disinfectant for cleaning. Latex or vinyl covers can be put for easy and quick cleaning.
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The patient may lose blood and bodily fluids while being transported on the gurney. If the stretcher mattress is not stainproof and waterproof, it would soak up those fluids and may cause infection. This might sabotage your medical facility’s reputation.

  • Thickness – The mattress should be of right firmness and thickness. If the mattress is soft and thin, the patient may feel the cold and hard iron surface beneath them. In case the mattress is too thick and hard, the patient would not feel comfortable at all while lying on it. So, pay attention to the foam’s density and thickness while buying a gurney mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic – A gurney and gait belt is used to transport injured and sick patients within the hospital and this is why the mattress can be a hub of insects and germs. The material used in making a stretcher mattress should resist insects and germs of all variety, otherwise, the patient’s health may be compromised.

There are several types of gurneys and gurney mattresses available in the market. Without complete knowledge, you may end up buying the hospital gurney that does not suit your medical facility. So, knowing about what you should be looking for is important.

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