Everything The Maca Team Is Doing With Yellow Maca Root

Everything The Maca Team Is Doing With Yellow Maca Root

The Maca Team is leading the pack when it comes to providing the highest quality maca products available, including those featuring yellow maca root. Maca, of course, is a root vegetable grown in the Andes mountains of Peru for thousands of years now.

The indigenous people of the area cultivated and used maca root after noticing the many potential benefits it offers including building muscle, boosting stamina and energy, balancing hormones, relieving symptoms of menopause, promoting fertility, and many other notable benefits. This little root has become quite popular and a staple for everyone from bodybuilders to those who simply want to improve their skin complexion.

While all of this sounds like it is too good to be true, the evidence does seem to back it up as well. Research on the health benefits of maca has led to the same results as the centuries of experience people have with using this root. Both testimonials and medical research have suggested a wide array of potential benefits when it comes to consistently using this root. It’s hard to deny the health claims that maca root is associated with, and it leaves people wondering what it can do for them.

A Little More Info About Yellow Maca
For those who don’t know, maca comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, which is available raw or gelatinized (meaning pre-cooked). While raw yellow maca root is nutrient-rich and meant for most people to use, gelatinized yellow maca root may be recommended instead for those with sensitive digestive systems at a small cost of nutrient content. Gelatinized maca root is completely vegan just like the raw version, but gets its name from the heating process it undergoes.

Both forms of this root are highly nutritious and easy to add to a typical day because of the convenience of their form. Raw maca powder can be mixed in with smoothies, shakes, and juices, or sprinkled over cereal and oatmeal. And that’s only the powder form.

Yellow maca root and the other colors of the roots come in extracts and capsules as well. It doesn’t get much easier than that to sprinkle a little bit of it (maybe literally) into your daily life. The Maca Team also provides plenty of recipes on its website for more creative ways to prepare maca.

The Maca Team is committed to providing the highest quality of maca available, taking additional steps to make sure that every product is up to this high standard. A point of pride for the company is the freshness of its ingredients.

One way the team ensures this is to accept orders of maca in small batches from Peru so that all roots are at their peak before use. The maca root is also non-GMO in accordance with the proper laws in Peru. The Maca Team sources its ingredients to be fair trade and keeps a strong relationship with its suppliers in Peru as well. With all of this effort to ensure quality, the results are clear:

“The product itself is the best I have ever tried, and I love that it is sourced where the highest quality Maca is from…” –Thomas

To find out more about maca and what The Maca Team is doing, visit the TheMacaTeam.com and stay up-to-date on their array of nutritious products.

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