Essential Tips Which Help You to Start the Subsistence Farming

Essential Tips Which Help You to Start the Subsistence Farming

What is a Subsistence Farming

Subsistence farming is described as family farming because it completes the need of family. It is also known as domestic farming, which is done by farmer’s families. It does not need extra labor. Farmer’s families use the product of subsistence farming. 

The only goal of subsistence farming is to produce plants, vegetables, and fruits for consumption and pleasure. It is also suitable for small and side income. This type of farming will not provide a full-time income.

How To Start Subsistence Farming

  1. Make a Plan
  • Planning is the first step for starting subsistence farming. With proper research, you can make a perfect plan. First, you start with a small investment, with just some crops or one species of animal. 
  • Then, you decide about the acres of land. 
  • Apart from land, there are many things which you have to consider while making plans for subsistence farming. Such as 
  • You should check the local government to determine the required permits and restrictions. 
  • Research the crops that grow best in your locality for farm success. 
  • To raise the knowledge about farm and subsistence farming, talk to other local farmers. 
  1. Choose Tractors
  • For farmers, tractors are essential things that make their work easy and efficient. 
  • Different tractors are available in the market, which consists of various features, types, and sizes. 
  • You have to choose a tractor according to your land. For example, for small land, you have to select a small tractor or garden tractor. 
  • There are many tractor brands available that provide garden tractors. Such as a Mahindra tractor that has many useful and perfect farm tractors. 
  • Mahindra tractors offer the finest range of mini tractors that make garden operation easy and land smooth. 
  1. Buy Material and Tool 
  • In this step, you should buy the materials and tools important for your crops and animals, such as a cultivator, harvester, rotavator, and many more. 
  • These machines provide work excellence in the working fields. And also, these materials and tools keep the tractor in good condition. 
  • The machines complete various tasks, from planting to harvesting. 
  • This step is crucial when you start farming. 
  1. Be Patient and Allow for Trial and Error
  • When you start anything, the first year is very important and most challenging also. 
  • folThe essential aspect of starting a farming is that it takes time to succeed. 
  • Subsistence farming requires an excellent deal of trial and error to grow sufficient crops for their family. 

By following these steps, you will get excellent output from your farm. 

Subsistence Farm Ideas 

Here are a few Subsistence farm ideas:- 

  • Grapes farming
  • Flowers 
  • Herbal craft products 
  • Mushroom gardening 
  • Tea 

Benefits of Subsistence Farming

  • Farming needs less time. 
  • It saves money. 
  • High production. 
  • This farming does not want any extra laboring. 

How to Select Tractor for Subsistence Farming 

When you start your subsistence farming, then the first thing which comes in your mind is tractor. such as Buying a perfect tractor for your farm is sometimes quite tricky. In this section, we are showing a few points that help you to select the excellent tractor according to your farm. 

  1. According to your work

such as You should select a tractor according to your work and land size. For beginners, a small and medium-sized tractor is a perfect option. For the small farm, a smaller machine is reliable and versatile. The tractor is suitable for operations around the farm as well as out in the field. You have to choose a tractor that is perfect for your work and fits in your budget. Such as the Mahindra tractor which is available in different sizes and perfect for various farming fields. 

  1. Check Horsepower

Engine power and horsepower are essential for farming, so before buying a tractor, you should select tractor horsepower according to your farm or agriculture. while There are two types of horsepower essential for efficient working. 

  • Engine horsepower
  • PTO horsepower
  1. Tractor Features 

When selecting any tractor, you should check the tractor features that are necessary for farming. Such as 

  • Lifting capacity 
  • Safety features 
  • Comfortable ride 
  • Large operator area
  • Hydraulics system
  • Canopy
  • Brakes
  1. Spare Parts Availability 

Before selecting a tractor, you should check parts availability in your locality. as This section will save you money and time. 

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