Environmental Benefits of Using Kraft Boxes for Shipping

Environmental Benefits of Using Kraft Boxes for Shipping

Kraft is a biodegradable product that is the best use for commercial and industrial purposes. Its main purpose is to provide the ultimate strength to the boxes and protection to the goods placed inside them. The meaning of Kraft is derived from a German word that means FORCE. The Kraft paper has a woody texture and biodegradable it means that it can be recycled thus reused. It poses no damage to Mother Nature since no toxic components are released from its decomposition. The Kraft paper is molded to produce boxes of various sizes and shapes.

Kraft boxes

It is no doubt that packaging contributes to one-third of the pollution. And every packaging industry is trying its best to come with the idea of using particular material for packaging that has zero-tolerance towards pollution. But is there any material that poses no serious damage? Yes, you can use Kraft material to produce Kraft boxes since it’s green and recyclable. Surprisingly things are changing and industrialists and other packaging industries are making use of Kraft paper for making Kraft boxes or custom Kraft boxes.

Benefits of using Kraft Boxes

There are many benefits of Kraft boxes. Some of these are mentioned below.

1.      Kraft Paper is Recyclable

You heard it right! Kraft boxes are recyclable. This is because during the manufacturing of these Kraft boxes no specific colored dye, bleach, or chemicals are incorporated into them. Second, when no such chemical is present the number of carbon prints in Kraft paper is also minimal. Therefore one can imagine now that the Kraft boxes have zero capability of posing any danger to nature since it consists of no chemical. The process involved in this manufacturing process is also not very complicated. You don’t have to invest in harvesting new trees because these Kraft boxes can be recycled to create new boxes for use.

2.      You can Reuse the Boxes

As mentioned above, the Kraft boxes consist of no chemicals or dye therefore have the ability to under recycling. When it can be recycled, it can be reused to create new Kraft boxes simple. The Kraft boxes at home if are empty you can flatten them out and place them in the cupboard for further future use. The Kraft when reused again has the potential of not deforming. It can return to its normal shape for reuse.

3.      Kraft is Renewable

The story is the same. The Kraft paper is available in two basic forms. One is the raw one while the other is recycled. The raw Kraft comes from wood pulp and the recycled Kraft paper is extracted from recycled pulp. Also, the Kraft boxes are made from the previously recycled Kraft boxes. Because Kraft material can undergo the process of recycling because it has no chemicals. Secondly, the process involved in the manufacturing of Kraft paper or box is also easy and not very time-consuming.

4.      Provide Unlimited Use

Despite its environmental benefits to the environment, Kraft paper provides great benefits to the industrialist as well. Kraft boxes are a great tool for marketing and advertisement purposes. These can be used for shipping goods or you can gift them to your loved one. You can customize these Kraft boxes according to your taste and choice. The Kraft boxes are globally used and these boxes have managed to replace the old card boxes. Industrialists now prefer using Kraft boxes for business and marketing purposes because of their assortment, adaptability, and versatility.

5.      Produce Minimum Waste

Another major factor is that these Kraft boxes are made up of easily accessible and inexpensive material brown Kraft material. Its energy and the fuel required to produce these Kraft boxes are also minimum and when less fuel is used the waste energy is also less. Secondly, the process of manufacturing Kraft material requires no chemical process thus the energy consumption is less and this automatically lowers down the waste product production. The material Brown Kraft is itself cheap and easily available so the shipping cost is also lowered down and the energy fuel is saved.

6.      No harmful Plastic Material

As discussed above the Kraft material consists of no chemical ingredients, no dyes, and no bleach. It also has zero plastic in it. Nowadays all the packaging material consists of plastic in it. When decomposed the plastic not only poses serious damage to nature but can affect human being and their health. Also, the manufacturing of materials comprising plastic requires a great amount of energy released and a great number of fuel is used. All this can be solved with the use of Kraft material. The world is changing and using Kraft material sufficiently and effectively.

7.      Easily Disposed of by People using it

The Kraft boxes are used for environmental safety and also for proving benefits to the business community. The Custom boxes can be both recycled and easily disposed of too. You can mention at the back of the boxes that the boxes can be disposed of by people using them. Its disposal poses no danger to Mother Nature.