Enroll Best Hotel Management Institute in Pune

Enroll Best Hotel Management Institute in Pune

The Hospitality industry is a vibrant one and the UEI Global Hotel Management Institute in Pune is one of the institutes which offers the best educational programs for hotel management in the city. As far as the education is concerned, the programs are offered in the core curriculum along with other specialized courses. The institute has been offering the programs since 2007 and till date there are many students who have been able to get employment after graduating from the said college. The institutes offer various programs which include Hotel and Restaurant Management, Hospitality Management, Service Management and much more.

The institute has a very good teaching faculty, which is well versed with all the facets of the hospitality industry. The teaching faculty consists of the very qualified and experienced personalities like Prof. Pradeep Fulkar, Mrs. Christina, Mrs. Smitha Jacob, Chef. Shailender, Chef. Anand, Mrs. Vasudha, Mrs. Rutuja and others. With the help of such a large faculty and a world-class teaching facilities, the students at UEI Global Hotel Management Institute in Pune can hope to gain lots of career opportunities after graduation. The teaching faculty at the institute are quite experienced in the hospitality sector and thus the students at the institute are sure to gain the expertise they need to manage hotels in Pune.

The institute has huge strength of instructors from seven different states of India. This makes the teaching faculty much experienced in the field and they can definitely impart the right kind of knowledge and skills to the students. The hotel management institutes at the institute have a very high standard, which makes them one of the top training centers for management courses at India. The institutes offer the program, which mainly includes the Hotel and Restaurant Management, Hospitality Management, Sales and Marketing and much more.

There are a number of other well-recognized hotel management institutes and colleges in and around Mumbai as well as other parts of the country. These hotel management colleges are also offering the regular bachelor’s and masters degree programs in the hospitality industry. One of the other best ways to get the right kind of job in the hospitality industry in India is to get the right degree in the hospitality industry.

In recent times there has been a rapid growth and emergence of a number of successful hotels and restaurants in the city of Pune. This has made the city a hot tourist destination for tourists from all over the country and across the world. To be able to achieve success in your career in the hospitality industry, you need to enroll yourself in any of the good hotel management colleges that are located in and around the city of Pune. This will help you gain entry in the most competitive and promising hotels in the city of Pune with ease.

Degree in Hotel Management in Pune is a 3 years degree programme, wherein the students are required to go for 6 months of Industrial Training in the second year followed by On Job Training in the third year. Usually, after this 3 year degree programme, students end up with almost 1-2 years of work experience which increases their chances of placement both in India and Abroad as trained manpower, which can be expected to deliver at job from Day 1.