Eligibility Criteria And Benefits Of Partner Visa Subclass 820

Australia is the land of beautiful places and it is also known as the land of kangaroos. If you want to live with your partner in Australia then this visa application is for you. The partner visa subclass 820 allows the de-facto partner and spouse partner of an Australian citizen or a permanent resident in Australia or eligible New Zealand citizen. The subclass 820 is the offshore visa which helps you to live in Australia on a temporary basis.

What you understand with subclass 820?

The visa subclass 820 granted for those partners who want to live with their partner in Australia. With this provisional visa application an applicant gets permitted to stay in Australia and is allowed to live and work in Australia. After lodging this visa application, an applicant  can stay for 2 years in Australia.
This is the first stage of Australian partner visa application.

In Order to get eligible for the temporary partner visa, applicants must meet the following certain criteria at the time of visa application.
1. An applicant must be married or in a de facto relationship with their Australian citizen Partner.
2. An applicant and their partner marriage should be valid under Australian law.
3. An applicant should be sponsored by their partner or authentic organization under Australian law.
4. An applicant must have a valid proof of their relationship for a minimum of 12 months. If you don’t fulfill the minimum criteria then the applicant is exempt from this requirement because you have registered your relationship.

After the accomplishment of visa eligibility, one can enjoy benefits with partner visa 820.
The following benefits are –

1. The applicant enjoys a lot of flexibility attached to this visa application. 

An applicant not only stays in Australia but they get access to full working rights.
The applicant becomes flexible to travel in and out of Australia.
The applicant can study in Australia (if eligible)

2. The applicant gets access to healthcare through Medicare on this visa application. 

The candidate gets subsidized on treatments and consultations from doctors, dentists, optometrists and a number of other practitioners
The candidate gets subsidized on treatment and accommodation as a Medicare (public) patient in a public hospital.
The candidate gets PBS Medications.

3. The interested applicant can join the free Adult Migration English Program (AMEP).

Once the visa subclass 820 granted, an applicant gets access to up to 510 hours of free English language tuition. In every city and even rural or regional areas of Australia, the free classes are provided with different options of studies –

They have a choice of full time or part-time courses.
They have the option between Weekend and night classes
They can go with Home tutor schemes
They can learn through online independent classes
Also, they have the option of Distance learning

4. An applicant can include their dependent children in this visa application if they are in Australia. 

This is the massive benefit of this visa application. The process to move in Australia permanently with your family is much easier with visa 820. An applicant child needs to meet all the eligibility criteria, then they will have the same right and visa conditions as the candidate have.
The dependent child or a stepchild must be under the age of 18. 

Also, Incase If an applicant splits up with their partner after the application has been lodged?

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