Eight Killer Methods To Boost Your Attention Rate On Instagram

Instagram is one of the futuristic platforms, not only for people who seek entertainment but also for marketing. 

Are you looking forward to getting more followers count and attachment for your account? 

Instagram came up with a trending feature called Instagram story, using Instagram story, you can grab tons of connection, followers for your account. But you have to be very active and eager to discover your story feature and know it ultimately.

Have You Noticed Instagram Stickers 

When you open your Instagram page, you will be in your feed section, right!. Swipe left you to see one face don’t worry that is your face when you point top right corner you will see many icons. From that third icon is for Instagram stickers; finally, you get it. Let us explore one by one, Here we go,

Let’s Play With GIF Stickers 

To get GIF stickers, type your mood on a search tap whether you are happy, sad, angry, excited. Relying on your mood, you can pick your GIF stickers. It is hilarious and creates more enthusiasm. Certain times you may not get the right stickers for your reaction, but no worry, you can have a lot of funny options. If you want to bring uniqueness to your brand, you can create GIFs for your account. If you want to gain more followers and reach your stories to a great extent. If you buy Instagram Story views, you can get a wider reach for your stories which  eventually increases audience and potential customers for your business.

Let’s Have Different Music

Did you know? You can add songs to your Instagram story. Yes, it’s possible, you can go to the search button and type music stickers. You can see the Instagram music library there, and you can get your song by typing your songs on the search tab. It is possible to post one full song, or you can cut which lyrics you want. Post different types of songs in one story. What you want to do is you want to select your photo and select music for them and post it finally.

Gather Together To Donate 

 One of the mind-blowing features on Instagram is donating stickers. In “donate Stickers,” you can help the people who need your participation. To access this, you can simply type donation stickers. Once you get, you will see many numbers of foundations listed below. You will view the number of foundations you follow and the foundations you support by people you follow. To know in detail, you can view their profile by clicking the three dots option. If you want to offer them, contact them.

Make Your Shopping Story

If you want to access “shopping stickers,” you must have a business account, and currently, you need to see your product. If you have this, then Instagram shopping stickers are a magic card for your brands to reach height. To create your shopping stickers, click the product option on the search tab. Click that to access; you have to select your number of products from the list. After choosing which product to showcase, tap that, and add details. You cannot edit the product name, but you can do it by yourself, changing your name in the catalog.

Practice Location Tag 

If you want to get the attachment and more views then practice location tag, your post will be displayed on the location tag page. The location tag uses to target specific audiences in specific areas. To access this, you can find the location tag in the search tab. After clicking the location tag, you can choose your appropriate location by the list or type by yourself. 

Ask More Questions

Want to know real feedback or opinion go for “question stickers.” You have plenty of ways to create your questions. The first type of question stickers once you get it, choose which format, and type your question or thoughts. And edit background color, theme. Once you are done with it, then post it. You have many options to set your question according to your need.

Add Hashtags 

As like location tags, when you add hashtags on your story, you can see your post on the hashtags page. To create tab hashtags stickers and type your words, you can edit them by different styles. Try to use popular hashtags; it can drive more audiences.

Mention Tag 

 If you are posting pictures, content about your products, or brand don’t forget to mention them. To create this tab, mention tag and type their id, edit for your wish.

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at SnapHappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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