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Effective use of Photoshop Textures & Presets in Photo Editing

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Do you like the pictures you see on the internet, magazines, or books that are clicked by professional photographers? If yes, then did you know that a greater amount of effort is put into photo editing after the picture is clicked? Well, not many people know about this. The post-processing work which is done to enhance the picture is called “photo editing”. The photo editing process can also be called icing on the cake. 

If you are thinking that photo editing technique is for beginner photographers, then you are wrong because even the world’s most experienced and talented photographers make use of photo edits in the shots clicked by them. 

In today’s blog we will be discussing the effective uses of Photoshop textures and presets in photo editing. Let us start with what are Photoshop textures. 

What is Photoshop texture?

In simple words, a Photoshop texture in digital photography terms can be explained as another layer that can be edited in the photograph while making the photo edits. These textures are simply images of having patterns of different types of surfaces like that of newspaper, wood, concrete or anything else. There are many pre-existing textures for Photoshop while people can also create one of their own on this software or simply scan on Photoshop. Apart from Photoshop textures, professionals also use free Photoshop overlays to enhance their shots. 

Some brilliant uses of Photoshop textures in photo editing-

Effective use of Photoshop textures can help you add organic life to your designs

If you want to give a natural and fresh look to your picture/design pattern then Photoshop textures can do the best work for you. Do you know why? This is simply possible because the textures for Photoshop are available in so many different options and one can also create a texture of their own choice. By adding any texture from Photoshop, you will be able to infuse organic looks in your shot which can grab the attention of the viewers. Now how do you pick the right texture? Well, it is very easy, you just have to pick the correct elements and make sure that proper mixing and matching is done so that you can get the results you expected. 

Photoshop textures are best when you plan to create striking designs 

It is not always that with the help of colors and images one will be able to create a striking design. There are times when the use of patterns and textures become essential for creating an interesting and attention-grabbing design/background. One should understand that these textures are not used to replace the existing images but instead enhance their look. 

Textured fonts are in trend these days

The trends in technology are constantly changing and the trends of photo editing are no exception to this fact. If one wants to give the best, then it is always necessary to keep up with the latest trends and at times infuse the same in your work as well. These days the idea of textured fonts is getting very popular. Professional designers are making use of textures to create textured fonts and give a bold look. 

What are presets?

Presets can be defined as a set of those already saved photo edits which can be re-applied on any photo during photo editing to save one’s time. Presets can also be called as those pre-configured looks which the photographer can apply to any photos which are clicked by him/her. These presets are available for use on mobile as lightroom mobile presets. 

There are many different options in presets for mobiles as well. For example, people can make use of free lightroom mobile presets and also some paid ones. 

How can these presets be used for effective photo editing?

There is no denying to the fact that creativity has no limits and same is the case with photo editing as well. There are so many different techniques in which lightroom mobile presets can be used for making the best photo edits. 

Use the presets if you want the following things –

With presets one can save a lot of time

Presets are simply great because with the help of these presets one can quickly apply a set of edits on any given image and help save a lot of time. Therefore, next time whenever you are in a hurry, just remember that you can use presets for your rescue and at the same time also make a beautiful photo edit. These presets can help save the designers’/photographers’ time in one more way. If you have multiple images on which the presets have to be applied then rather than taking one image at a time, you can also select a batch and then apply the preset. 

Presets are very easy to use

There are very few things in the world which are valuable and yet easily available and presets are one of those. There are so many different ways in which professionals can use these presets to make the image look its best and capable of catching the viewer’s attention. Therefore, if you want to experiment with your designs and edits, then don’t forget to use presets for the best results. 

One can achieve complex photo editing results with the presets 

We are sure that there may have been times that after looking at the flawless work of a professional photographer we think that we can’t do the same. However, thanks to these presets which can allow us to do the same in a very less time. By using free lightroom mobile presets and other types of presets one can achieve the complex editing results very easily and quickly. 

We hope that our readers enjoyed reading our blog and have got some ideas related to effective uses of Photoshop textures and presets in photo editing. Lastly, we just want to say that photo editing is an art and the more you explore more the closer you will get to perfection. Keep reading our blogs and articles for more tips and tricks on photo editing.

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